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Everyone has different beauty habits. After all, no one has the exact permutation of hair type, skin concern, or body shape. Tailor-fitting your products is always good advice when discovering a beauty routine that works best for you. You pick up tips from the Internet, exchange ideas with friends, and watch video tutorials. Here in BeautyHub.PH, we’re always looking for ways to uplift your self-care regimen. So, as we reveal our favorite beauty hacks, don’t forget to tell us about yourself and your beauty habits, too!

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Cleansing is a Non-Negotiable

Whether you’re pro- or you’re into that , cleansing and moisturizing are non-negotiables to any skincare routine. Cleaning your face removes dirt, excess oil, and debris buildup – stuff that triggers major skin issues. It’s also the stepping stone for other skincare goals, such as moisturization, hydration, radiance.

Cleansing your face can start with a facial wash – don’t use regular soap. Then, for insurance, follow it up with a , such as micellar water or a , especially if your skin has had a pretty rough day or you’ve been wearing makeup.

Healthy Skin is the Best Base

Take care of your skin and everything else will pretty much take care of itself. You’ll be surprised how low maintenance your routine can get once you’ve nailed this. The secret to this goal? ! These two can help balance your skin’s moisture levels, which can avert a variety of skin concerns.

Depending on what kind you’re using, moisturizers can also help protect your skin. For example, occlusives like petroleum jelly not only seal water into your skin, but they can also shield it against friction and relieve minor scrapes and burns.

Protect Yourself From the Sun

The sun may be crucial for Earth’s survival, but it’s not so good for your skin. After long-term exposure, its UV rays can wreak havoc on your body – and your skin bears the brunt of it. The sun can accelerate the on your skin, cause dark spots, and even initiate a leathery skin texture – and this is just the minor stuff.

But you can’t hide under a rock forever. Your best defense? . Make sure to lather up with sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. This tip applies to your entire body and not just your face. Remember, it’s not so much about the SPF number as it is about reapplication. Make it a habit to use sunscreen even during muggy days or . UV rays are sneaky and can make their way through clouds and windows.

Get Used to Cooler Showers

If the previous beauty tip wasn’t enough indication, heat isn’t good for your hair and skin. can dry out your skin and make your hair brittle. We’re not saying you should take ice-cold showers, but a tepid temperature should be enough to clean and soothe your body. To make bathing a little more special, create a conducive and relaxing environment with candles or scented body wash.

Your Routine Goes Beyond the Skin

In BeautyHub.PH, we believe personal beauty is a holistic journey. It covers your hair and your skin, but your well-being, too. Make time for things you enjoy. Strive for work-life balance. All of these can work on building your confidence. And will give you a kind of radiance you can’t just buy or apply.

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