Valentine's Day​

Roses are red, violet are blue. V-Day is coming, so now what to do? Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day tends to put a lot of pressure on people to look and be their best on a day that’s deemed the best day for romance. Truth be told, though, all that really matters on V-Day is that you spend it with someone you love—whether it’s yourself, your BFFs, or your bae! 

But of course, there’s also no harm in making an effort to get all dolled up if it makes you feel good…or if you’re looking to sweep your date off his feet!

To help you prep for your February 14 festivities, check out these quick tips:

1. Prep Skin for a Glow-Up.

Flaunt a gorgeous, natural glow by giving yourself a DIY facial: cleanse, , and treat your skin to a hydrating moisturizer to reveal a fresher, healthier-looking glow—like a dewy heroine in a romantic K-Drama! Try POND'S Orange Nectar Jelly Moisturizer. This oil-free gel moisturizer is enriched with 100% natural origin orange nectar extract and vitamin C that leaves skin smooth and radiant.

2. Indulge in Body Pampering.

Planning to do a sexy outfit? Get flawless skin in no time by treating yourself to a full body scrub to slough off any unevenness and nix dryness. Make sure to after by slathering on a hydrating body lotion.

3. Mind your Tips and Toes.

Dirty, ugly nails can be such a turn-off, so sched a mani-pedi (or DIY!) to primp your tips and toes—especially if you’re planning to wear open-toed sandals.

4. Work the Hair.

No matter what style you’re going for, you won’t get the results you want if your tresses are dry, dull, and frizzy. Give your mane a pick-me-up with a or mask for a hydrating hit.

Try using TRESemmé Keratin Smooth KERA10 Smoothing Mask once a week. Apply the product evenly on your hair from mid-shaft to the tips. Leave on for three to five minutes, then rinse thoroughly. It has KERA10 Protein Complex that helps tame frizz, manage flyaways, boost shine, and strengthen hair.

5. Moisturize Your Hands.

There’s nothing romantic about dry, rough hands, so don’t forget to give them the TLC they deserve: Moisturize on the reg with a hand cream or your fave body lotion to keep them soft, smooth, and ready for hand-holding!

6. Nail Your Makeup.

Put your best face forward with makeup that enhances your natural beauty, and doesn’t cover it up. For a glam look, a hot red lip is always a showstopper. Just make sure to use a blue-based red lippie so that it makes your teeth appear whiter, and don’t forget to well. Try closeup Red Hot Toothpaste, which has micro-shine crystals and an anti-bacterial formula to give teeth a serious clean.

7. Perfect Your Outfit.

Whether you’re going out for cocktails with your gal pals or heading somewhere quiet with your man, plan what you’ll wear in advance, so you won’t be scrambling at the last minute. In case the venue is a surprise, make sure you wear something comfy that flatter your body and show your personality.

8. Try a New Scent.

Our sense of smell has the power to evoke emotions, so go for a scent that stirs up positive feelings. To make your perfume last longer, spritz it on your pulse points: on your neck, on the wrists, and the inside of the elbows.

9. Be Kiss-Ready.

Stay fresh and confident all throughout your date—even as you wine and dine—with the help of a toothpaste that gives all-around oral care. closeup Menthol Fresh Toothpaste kills up to 99% bacteria in your mouth and seals in the freshness long after brushing… so you’re ready for that big kiss!

10. Relax and Enjoy!

Let loose and celebrate! Don’t stress too much about the little details (or whether your makeup’s still on fleek!) and just have fun.

Whether you’re casually dating, in a long-term relationship, or still looking, you can make this year’s Valentine’s Day a day to remember by simply deciding to enjoy it, regardless of the circumstances. Don’t underestimate the power of taking care of yourself, too—those little acts of self-love (and self-primping) go a long way! Happy Valentine's Day!