Composite of two couples in a tight elevator.

What makes a good romcom movie? A fun premise, a unique meet-cute, and a romantic soundtrack are a few things that get us swooning over couples on screen. This Valentine’s Day, you, take your romcom dreams from delulu to trululu with a little bit of creativity and courage. Ready to flex your (and snag your )? Scroll down for some inspiration from loveteam Donbelle.

Be Romcom Movie Sweethearts Like DonBelle

Actors Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano star in their second closeup music video, titled “” The video, directed by romcom movie veteran Tonet Jadaone, features the classic 1990 hit song, now covered by alternative singer-songwriter Adie.

It tells the kilig story of a young woman (Belle) and a young man (Donny) meeting each other in an office elevator. They grow fond of each other despite not having any interaction, save for knowing looks and shy smiles. Running into each other “accidentally” in the lift becomes their thing – the highlight of their days. Sensing their developing connection (and to finally find out if its delulu or trululu once and for all), each of them decides to make a move one morning. The same elevator that witnessed their awkwardness and uncertainty finally sees their love story blossom into something real.

Since the video’s release on the closeup Facebook page, netizens have been swooning over it. The general sentiment? “Sana all may elevator romcom movie.” Of course, closeup heard them and asked Tonet Jadaone to direct a real-life romcom where people finally make a move and #DareToGetCloser to their crush!

How to Live Your Own Romcom on Valentine’s Day, According to Tonet Jadaone

The result? More kilig moments with two people who’ve always had a crush on each other. Direk Tonet recreated the elevator scenes from the original DonBelle video and guided the participants as they starred in their own romcom movie and dared to share their feelings for each other for the first time. For many of them, it was just the push they needed to be the main characters in their love stories.

If you find yourself saying, “Sana all,” too, make your Valentine’s Day feel like a romcom movie by taking a page from Direk Tonet’s playbook. Here’s how:

Bring on the compliments.

Nothing breaks the ice like a sincere compliment. If you’re feeling bold, go ahead and profess your love. But if you're still a bit shy, you start by telling them they have a .

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Choose your supporting cast.

Talk to common connections and supportive friends who can help you create the perfect scene. They can make sticky situations – such as getting smooshed against your crush in a tight elevator – a little less awkward, too!

Set the mood with a theme song.

Music is a great way to bond with another person and an even better way to find common ground. Ask your crush what they’re listening to the next time you see them wearing their headphones (or blurt out, “I love the Smiths!” and see if they get the reference). Besides, no romcom movie is complete without a ! So go ahead and compile one that inspires you to .

Dare to get closer.

At the end of the day, getting closer to your crush is all on you. It takes courage, yes, but it’s also not as scary as it may seem. Just channel your inner romcom movie star and take that leap of faith. Don’t forget to flash that friendly smile!

Watch DonBelle’s and the video directed by TonetJadaone for more Valentine’s Day ideas!