Asian couple wearing masks

One might think wearing a face mask is a giant hassle, but hear us out. Apart from the apparent benefits of mask-wearing — the best one is staying protected and protecting others from diseases — it also comes with some social perks. For example, did you know that it can improve your dating life? It seems counterintuitive, but it’s true. Let’s count the ways.

It Trains the Eyes to Be More Expressive

“Staring into each other’s eyes” is such a romantic concept that it’s almost become a measure of a couple’s attraction to each other. Hence, those memes that say, “Get a guy who looks at you the way that blank looks at blank.” Ever since most of the world started wearing face masks, we’ve subconsciously become more expressive through our eyes, although it’s not always so easy.

According to research by Korea University in Seoul, the biggest source of non-verbal communication comes from the mouth. With half our faces covered, it’s become difficult to detect emotions in other people. Think of how this can affect the dating scene, where people may be struggling with communicating their feelings to begin with. By wearing a face mask, we could learn to say more with our eyes and use them in more meaningful ways. 

It Adds Mystery in an Overexposed Society

In a society where little is left to the imagination thanks to social media, wearing a face mask is a welcome feature to some people who would like to keep a little bit of mystery (or, you know, introverts who would like very much to be left alone). It may be difficult to subscribe to the idea of “love at first sight” in , but there’s an upside to it, too. 

Wearing a face mask adds an element of mystery and prompts the person to get to know you based on other things, like your  , the way you verbally communicate, or your knack for self-expression through fashion. Now that’s an exciting challenge.

It Helps You Detect Bacteria Breath

It’s true: you can’t smell your own body odor and bad breath is no exception. You can thank “olfactory fatigue” for that — it’s when our sense of smell stops detecting familiar odors. This comes with an advantage: it helps your nose zero in more on strange smells that might be signs of danger, such as something burning or something rotten. The disadvantage? You can’t smell your own bacteria breath and it may be ruining your love life.

in the mouth. Unfortunately, it is not something everyone can detect, especially if it’s a chronic situation. However, wearing a face mask forces you to confront it since it’s literally in your face. Luckily, you can by improving your oral hygiene.

Are you smelling bacteria breath from behind your mask? Switch to a toothpaste that gets to the root of the problem. closeup Red Hot Toothpaste has an anti-bacterial formula. Its micro-shine crystals clean the recesses of your mouth and remove 99% of odor-causing bacteria. Brush twice a day, and this toothpaste can help remove cavities and keep your breath fresh all day.

So, look on the bright side. Wearing a face mask is indeed a sign of not-so-great times, but it isn’t all that bad. It protects you from diseases while being the savior your dating life always needed. That sounds like a red-hot deal.