Man spraying bodyspray.

Nothing turns ladies off more than men with body odor. You may tick the boxes on her list of a perfect guy or could pass off as James Reid’s or Alden Richards’ twin; you can drive the best sports car or be your company’s top executive—but all that won’t matter if you don’t smell good or fresh. Of course, this can only be achieved with proper hygiene paired with the right deodorant brands, like Axe Body Spray.

Now, if you have a girlfriend, do yourself and your girlfriend a favor. Make her feel kilig over and over by adding any of the deodorant sprays for men below to your after-shower routine. She’ll not only thank you for it but give you extra pogi points, too!

For Casual Movie Dates

On days when you and your girlfriend are feeling more laidback and prefer staying in to watch the newest hit on Netflix, pair your casual wear with the AXE Deo Body Spray Black. This antiperspirant deodorant for men spells confidence for a guy who doesn’t need to boast. It features a great mix of fragrances like bergamot, cedarwood, rosemary, grapefruit and pear, vanilla, and cardamom. A great deo for men, this fragrant body spray provides a subtle scent that your girlfriend can whiff as she snuggles into you.

For Dinner and Drinks

Evenings when you and your girlfriend decide to grab some dinner and drinks (while observing safety protocols, of course!), complete your outfit with AXE Deo Body Spray Dark Temptation. A good-smelling men's deodorant, it features smooth, dark chocolate scents with hints of red peppercorn and amber—a sugar and spice combo that will make it impossible for your girlfriend to keep her hands off you.

For Fancy Date Nights and Formal Occasions

Candlelit dinners and more formal occasions like weddings call for a spray like the AXE Deo Body Spray Gold Temptation. This body spray for men features a combination of fruity and spicy—citrus fruits and smoky amber notes to be exact. This Axe deodorant also hints at molten chocolate to ensure your girlfriend isn’t letting you go all night!

For Outdoor Adventures

Whether you’re off to go hiking, wall climbing, or biking around BGC, it’s easy to feel cool and refreshed with the AXE Ice Chill Body Spray. This cooling deodorant eucalyptus and lemon scents, combined with hints of rosemary, make it the perfect spray on a hot summer day. Don’t lose your cool and chill with your girl even if temperatures get high on your date.

Rock that signature Axe perfume via body sprays for men. These Axe body spray variants not only make you smell fresh and good. They keep sweat at bay, too! With its anti-bacterial formulation, you don’t have to worry for up to 48 hours. Just a few quick sprays of this long-lasting deo for men around the neck and chest and you’re all set to keep the kilig alive!