Asian man in the woods

There is no doubt that you live in a world characterized by technological comforts. It is OK the majority of the time. But now and again, calamity hits. Whether it's a terrible storm that takes out your electricity or you just become lost by straying too far off the trails during an , a poor scenario may be drastically improved if you know a few fundamental survival skills.

You don't have to be a hinterlander or Bear Grylls. The three survival skills below should help you flourish in any environment.

Purifying Water from Nature

Given that the human body contains up to 78% water, it's no wonder that finding drinking water ranks high in any list of survival skills. A person should every day, ideally. Many people die due to dehydration and/or the incapacitating effects of untreated water-borne diseases. Minerals and metals, in addition to water-borne conditions, can be found in waterways downstream from industrial and agricultural activity.

In a wilderness setting, springs, head-water streams, and collecting morning dew are the most acceptable pure drinking water sources. If you find yourself on steep terrain, keep in mind that water flow will always go downhill. Streams and creeks can be found in the crevasses where hills meet. Even if you can't see the water flow, it doesn't imply it doesn't exist.

Take a minute to be silent and listen for the sound of water pouring over rocks – then simply follow the sound. Look for indications of life if you can't see or hear the life-giving liquid. Animals congregate in regions with adequate drinking water. As a last option, drilling a hole in moist soil may occasionally uncover some groundwater. Remember that groundwater should only be used as a last option because it might be unclean and infested with bacteria and parasites.

Building a Temporary Shelter

Many people who are compelled to survive end up with significant problems due to direct exposure to the elements. In survival scenarios, the most common cause of death is hypothermia. However, you can readily prevent it with simple survival techniques. In a survival emergency, being able to build a shelter is critical. It is vital to avoid or reduce heat loss or, in the case of a desert climate, to decrease water loss.

The lean-to is one of the most uncomplicated survival buildings to construct. It often consists of leaning construction materials up against a pre-existing structure or natural formation, such as a wall, rock face, fallen tree, etc.

Creating a Fire

The ultimate survival skill is making fire! Fire may purify water, prepare food, alert rescuers, and offer warmth, light, and comfort. It can also keep predators at bay and be a very welcome buddy and companion. It is a crucial survival tactic. Every individual who walks into the outdoors should carry at least two means to ignite a fire with them — one on their person at all times and the other in their gear. A few tiny flames generate more heat than a single enormous one.

Collect the amount of firewood you believe you will require for the night, and then collect the same amount again for the next day. It makes no difference how good you are with a bow drill, magnifying lens, or flint and steel if your fuel (e.g. wood, brush, twigs, sticks, etc.) is wet or moist. Instead of removing branches from living trees or grabbing anything that appears slightly green, look for dry, broken, dead limbs on the ground.

Those are several basic survival skills that you need to understand, as you cannot predict the changes in the climate or the weather due to global warming. Not only that, advancing those skills will definitely save your life. However, surviving in the wild must cost your energy, and you must be sweating a lot.

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You don't have to be outdoorsy to benefit from learning survival skills. These tips are great to have in your back pocket in case of emergencies.