Man jogging outdoors

From reducing the risk of chronic disease to helping with weight loss, regular exercise offers many health benefits. But with all the different forms of exercising available, how do you choose the appropriate physical activity? You must take your lifestyle into account too. For example, if you’re a busy bloke, what’s the ideal workout for you? You’d be surprised when you know more about the benefits of jogging. 

Jogging is a popular fitness activity that doesn’t cause too much strain on the body. Jogging differs from running because the latter involves faster movements and uses more energy. The former, on the other hand, is slower and easier on the muscles, lungs, and heart. According to Harvard Health, 30 minutes of jogging every day is enough to reap its benefits.

It’s Great for The Body

Have you been feeling a little stiff from sitting all day? Jogging can help loosen the stiffness in your body without pushing too hard and it improves tone by developing larger muscle groups. Jogging also boosts your heart health, enhances lung capacity, and strengthens the muscles of the respiratory system. In other words, it is the cardiovascular exercise for your body.

Makes You Look Fit!

Sure, we love being healthy on the inside, but it wouldn’t hurt to see any difference in our appearance, too, right? Based on a study by Harvard Medical School, a 30-minute jog has been proven to burn around 180 to 250 calories. Add that to other and you just might see yourself shedding a few extra inches. In the long run, jogging not only burns fat but also helps maintain your weight.

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Boosts Your Mental Health

Feeling stressed and anxious can lead to poor sleep quality. Citing the National Library of Medicine, jogging plays a significant role in . When you jog, your body releases hormones called endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in the body. This happy high will help you sleep better and faster. A little note: exercise at a low intensity if you’re doing it later in the day, as too much adrenaline can cause some individuals to have trouble sleeping. 

Improves Bone Strength

Jogging regularly trains your bones to bear additional stress/load. By strengthening the bones, jogging prevents bone trauma and injuries, as well as improves bone thickness. It also makes the bones of your hip and spine stronger, making the long-term advantages as good as the immediate benefits.

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Look Better, Feel Stronger

Remember all the health benefits mentioned earlier? Those benefits will very quickly start to show on the surface, too. You’ll get defined muscles, shed weight, and have clearer, healthier-looking skin based on a study from McCaster University. 

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All these things mean more confidence and we love that look on you! Before you know it, your muscles will be stronger, and your improved cardio fitness will allow you to try physical things that you couldn’t before. Make time to do this exercise and reap the benefits of jogging!