Cropped photo of man doing lunges with barbels on the beach.

We get it. You don’t exactly look forward to leg day. When the agony from doing squats begins to set in, you think to yourself, “Never again.” However, these compelling reasons to train your thigh muscles might convince you otherwise. Read on to discover what you miss when you skip leg exercises. 

1. Increases Testosterone

A study found a striking of men who did heavy resistance exercises. Since the muscles in your hips and legs are the largest, training your thigh muscles releases more growth hormones necessary to build mass. In other words, doing deadlifts will beef you up.

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2. Improves Strength

Training your thigh muscles will create a better anabolic environment for improving your body’s capacity for big lifts. Even when bench pressing, your body needs a stable platform to pump up from. Doing core exercises like deadlifts is crucial to building overall strength and movement. On , don’t hit snooze or prepare to lose. 

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3. Burns More Calories

If you’re looking for exercises that burn the most calories, you’ve come to the right place. is the largest muscle in your body and working it will use up more energy. Squats are a terrific high-intensity exercise because they burn calories long after you’ve left the gym. So, go ahead and work those thigh muscles to make the most of your workout. 

4. Reduces the risk of Injury

Neglecting your thigh muscles can put you at risk of several issues, such as lower back pain and ACL injuries. Condition your hamstrings with squats, lunges, and deadlifts to promote stability and increase mobility. Athletes know all too well how important functional training is to develop more injury-resistant bodies.

5. Prevents Chicken Legs

Of all the reasons to train your thigh muscles, this must be the best. Being a serial leg-workout skipper will make you look like a chicken, built-wise. No one wants to look like a chicken. Seriously, it’s not a good look. So, train your legs one at a time to even out your muscles and slowly increase mass.

6. Boosts Performance

Conditioning your thigh muscles will improve your game big time. Apart from adding more power to your sprint, upper-body-centric will get their fair share from your leg gains. Because your lower body muscles drive into the ground for power, having a solid base will increase your capacity for any upper body movement through your core. Want to suck less at sports? Do your squats.

When to Skip Leg Day

The only time you'll get a hall pass from working on your thigh muscles is when you’re sore, feeling sick, or have a potential injury. Pushing yourself too hard can slow your body’s healing trajectory, so knowing when to stop is crucial. Feeling a little funny? Sit this one out, homie.

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Love it or hate it, training your thigh muscles is non-negotiable. Stay on top of things and keep your training consistent, especially on days you don’t feel like it. Leg days aren’t always fun, but if you chicken out, you might end up looking like one.