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It’s no secret that men find certain geeky hobbies attractive in women — but is this also true the other way around? For sure. Your passion for a subject is more fascinating than all the selfies of an average gym rat combined. But what are these subjects, you might ask? We asked women what geeky interests they find attractive, and their answers might just melt your nerdy heart.

Reading Comic Books

Never think your nerdy obsession is unappreciated. Tishy, a recent graduate, shares that she finds guys who read comic books super attractive. “There’s something about a guy who can break down the Marvel Universe timeline without breaking a sweat,” she says.

Being into Lego

Lego isn’t just for kids — but you already knew that, didn’t you? Lia, a fashion designer, loves a guy who can get into design, whether that’s real-life re-tiling her apartment or through Lego. Want to level up your game? Why not ask her out with Lego flowers? Better yet, build a life-size replica of her furbaby!

Loving Theater and Cinema

For Averylle, there’s nothing sexier than a theater geek! As a lover of plays and films, she says she wouldn't mind hanging out with someone with similar tastes and won’t fall asleep in the middle of a show.

Playing Pokémon and Being Good at Math

Here’s your chance to flex your Legendary Pokémon. Social media manager Maddy has a soft spot for Pokémon trainers and math geeks. Some first date ideas include going Pokémon hunting together on Community Day or quizzing her in geometry.


Some five-year-olds can identify all the countries, their capitals, and where they fall on the map, but it takes a grown man to know where all the good wine bars and restaurants are. Grace, an avid traveler, admits that she has a terrible sense of direction — which is why she is impressed by a man who can navigate.

Watching Star Wars on May 4th

Weirdly specific yet so true — watching Star Wars on May 4th indeed falls under “geeky hobbies,” and yes, some women do find that commitment extremely attractive. Journalist Aliyya says she wouldn’t mind going out on a date on that premise. If you point out that May 25th is the real Star Wars Day, you get bonus pogi points.

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Own your geeky hobbies or you’ll never know who might be swooning over you because of them.