A well-groomed man talking to his co-worker

Presentable looks matter a lot — especially in the corporate world. And if you’re a guy who wants to take the next step in your career, there’s one thing you need to pay more attention to — good grooming. You may not realize it, but according to studies, investing a little bit more effort in good grooming can help boost your confidence and other’s confidence in you.

Read our tips below on how you can get started.

Presentable Looks Matter a Lot at the Workplace

Think back to when you were still applying for a job. Didn’t you spend way too long looking at the mirror, trying to see if the color of your slacks matched your shirt, or if you needed to style your hair to look dapper for the interview? points to the fact that you believe that looking presentable matters to get a job. It’s true. How you look will influence your chances of getting hired (or promoted), so better make sure that you’re not just easy to work with but easy on the eyes as well. 

Look dapper with clean, crisp clothes.

Not all guys are up-to-date with the latest fashion, but that’s not an excuse not to dress well. To make good impressions in the workplace (or anywhere, basically), you need to dress the part. Anything that’s comfortable, fits well, and complements your skin tone should do the trick. Oh, and don’t forget to iron your clothes.

Charlie, a PR executive, has mastered this hack: “I go on lots of client meetings, and when you need to scurry from one part of the city to another, you’re more likely to end up looking drab by your 3rd or 4th meeting. That’s why I always keep an extra set of fresh shirts (at least two) and a dark jacket in the office.” 

If you’re working from home, dressing well still matters, especially when you frequently go on . Make sure your skin is on point, too, especially since your colleagues will be seeing just your face most of the time. Use POND'S Men Energy Charge Brightening + Anti-Dullness Facial Foam, which has coffee bean extracts to help give your skin a healthy and nourished look.

Get rid of dandruff.

Just because you’re working from home and not exposed to dirt and pollution doesn’t mean . Your scalp can develop these itchy flakes when you experience stress or use the wrong kind of shampoo.

Remember, anyone can easily notice those embarrassing small white crusts on your shoulders (or head) — even if you’re on a video screen. Prevent it from happening by using an effective anti-dandruff shampoo like CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men.

Clean choppers are a must

A set of clean teeth is another aspect of good grooming that you shouldn’t miss. Unclean teeth will turn off anyone. Poor oral hygiene can also cause bad breath. So, don’t forget to always have a good mouthwash in your grooming kit and brush your teeth after every meal with closeup All Around Fresh Soothing Menthol Toothpaste.

Make sure you always smell great

Your scent can affect work performance, or how people at the office respond to you. Sure, a spritz of your favorite cologne can do the trick, but don’t forget that your body’s natural scent can also be as irresistible to others.

Don't shrug off the effects of using body spray or body mist for men. After a nice morning shower, spray on some to smell and feel fresh all day. You can also try other to level up your grooming game.

Well-groomed Guys Elicit Traits Employers Want

A well-groomed guy is a product of discipline and diligence. One simply doesn’t appear presentable without exerting any effort. Incidentally, these traits are exactly what employers want in an individual as well.

When your boss sees that you take good care of yourself, they’ll be confident in the knowledge that you know how to take care of other important things — including your responsibilities at work.

A well-groomed guy won’t just be attractive to women (or other guys). They can also attract career success. Good grooming can open opportunities for you. Get ready for that promotion with the help of these .