A man doing lunges with weights in a home gym.

Having a private workout area is a worthwhile investment. If you already have a home gym but aren’t using it to the fullest, then you’re missing out. Spruce it up with these accessories to make it more convenient, comfortable, and motivational. It'll be your favorite hang-out spot in no time.

A Smart TV

Riding a stationary bike while staring at a wall can wear you thin. Add a full-size TV (not the itty-bitty one) to your home gym, and your training gets a hundred times more enjoyable. Think of it as a multifunctional fitness gear rather than a distraction. You can follow an with a trainer, take part in virtual races, or catch up on your Netflix binge while breaking a sweat – no judgment here. 

A Bluetooth Speaker

Unless you prefer to exercise in silence, a killer audio setup is hands down your best gym buddy. For one, it doesn’t give you unsolicited advice or hover at the bench press while you’re mid-set. What it does provide is heart-pumping music that actually helps pace your movement and keep you in the zone. Connect a Bluetooth speaker to your phone. You can use voice commands to change tracks adjust the volume, and queue up new playlists without breaking your flow.

Exercise Mats

Protect your floor tiles (and knees) by padding them with exercise mats. These underrated gym essentials also offer comfort when you’re engaging in a high-impact workout. Moreover, they provide a non-slip surface, which is crucial for maintaining stability during movements like , push-ups, and mountain climbers. Don’t worry, exercise mats are easy to clean. A quick wipe-down with a few drops of dish soap and warm water is all it takes.

Lots of Lights

Every room, including your home gym, should have both overhead and ambient lighting. This technique is what most gyms use to create an inviting and energizing atmosphere. Mix things up with several downlights, LED strips for a pop of colors, and sconces. The number of light fixtures needed depends on your home gym layout, so be sure to plan it out before calling an electrician.

A Mini Fridge

Is there anything more refreshing than gulping an ice-cold drink after a sweat session? With a mini fridge right in your home gym, you have easy access to water, sports drinks, and even protein shakes. No need to scurry down to the kitchen. And if you’re low on energy, you can have a snack on hand in seconds.

Storage Racks and Shelves

It’s a safety hazard to put your dumbbells and other gadgets on the floor. One misstep can lead to injuries and cause damage to your expensive equipment. The solution? Decorate the space with a shelving unit to keep everything organized. You can put your gears, speakers, and other miscellaneous items to brighten the place. What’s more, it can be a spot to display your sports trophies or . Humblebragging won’t hurt anyone.

Wall-Mounted Mirrors

Your home gym is not complete without floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Where else are you going to take your #gains selfie? Jokes aside, having at least one full-length mirror allows you to check your form during exercises so you can get the most out of every rep. Plus, mirrors help make the room look larger.

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Transforming an empty space into a home gym doesn’t require a colossal budget. With the right equipment and decor, you can make any indoor or outdoor area in your house a workout space that’s all yours.