An Asian man grooming himself in front of the mirror

There’s no shame in spending a little more time . It doesn’t mean buying countless men products that you’re not sure how to use or locking yourself in the bathroom for hours. All you need are the essentials that work for your skin, hair, and teeth and developing a routine that’s quick, simple, and easy to maintain. After all, practicing daily grooming and good personal hygiene is part of the process on how to be healthy and happy.

Besides protecting yourself from illnesses and preventing body odor and bad breath, looking clean and well-groomed makes you feel more confident. And when you’re healthy and happy, it manifests and shows on your face and deameanor — making you even more attractive. If you don’t have a basic grooming routine just yet, here are steps you can follow to help you build one.

Wash Your Hair with Two Kinds of Shampoo

Washing your hair with shampoo is probably one of the most mundane tasks of the day. It’s something you’ve been doing since you were a kid, so lathering up feels almost robotic. But what products to use and how often you should wash your hair are things you might be overlooking.

Generally, men should wash their hair every two to three days. This allows the hair and scalp to benefit from the natural oils and moisture produced. Washing your hair less often makes it easier for you to style your hair, too. This is because of the natural oils and moisture that hold your hair up and in place.

Once a week, wash your hair with CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men, which is formulated with to deeply clean pores and purify your hair and scalp. On the remaining days, use Dove Men+Care Strengthening Shampoo, enriched with caffeine and calcium, to make hair visibly stronger and thicker.

Cleanse Your Face with an Energizing Facial Wash

Your face is the first thing that anyone will notice, so it’s important to direct effort and energy into  . This means keeping your face clean with the right soap – and no, it’s not your bar soap nor body wash. Dermatologists recommend avoiding these because they can be abrasive, leave your face red or dry, and even result in peeling.

Use a facial wash with coffee bean extracts and cooling menthol, like POND’S Men Energy Charge Face Wash, to make your skin look healthier and energized.

Brush Your Teeth with a Toothpaste That Gives You Confidence

A study by post-graduate students from the Department of Public Health and Dentistry in India shows a significant association between self-esteem and dental appearance. Those who weren’t satisfied with how their teeth looked had an effect on their quality of life and well-being.

You can prevent this from happening by brushing your teeth properly with a fluoride gel toothpaste that covers all your oral care needs, like closeup All Around Fresh Cool Mint Toothpaste. It protects your mouth from bacteria, lifts plaque to give the mouth a clean slate after every brush and contains fluoride to guard your teeth against cavities. The cool mint also makes you feel fresh and confident all day long.

Find Your Signature Scent

There are hundreds of scents that men can choose from, but the ones that leave a are a sniff out of the ordinary. Choose a scent that rises above the competition, such as AXE Deo Ice Chill Body Spray. The crushed mint and rosemary keep you revitalized and smelling crisp all day long.

Now that you’re more well-versed on how to be healthy, happy, and attractive, time to start putting these tips into practice.