Asian man in denim against gray brick wall

Confident men have a visage of smoothness. What isn’t obvious is the amount of maintenance and determination happening behind the scenes just to look put together. does not come naturally to everyone. However, there are ways you can build your confidence level, too. Are you ready to channel your inner Daniel Craig suaveness? Scroll down for some tips!

Model Yourself After Someone

You’ve probably heard the advice, “be yourself.” But again, that advice is always easier said than done, especially if you’re still discovering yourself – which happens often to many people. Figure out a person to emulate. Is it Daniel Craig? Daniel Padilla? George Clooney? You could have more than one inspiration. Do you admire John Gokongwei’s business style? Tom Hardy’s intensity?

You’ll be able to make faster decisions when you ask, “What would [insert hero] do?” Thinking and acting quickly are tell-tale signs of confidence. You appear in control and knowledgeable.

Don’t Compare Yourself

Having someone to look up to isn’t the same as comparing yourself to others. Pick the best habits of successful men and apply them to yourself. Eventually, you’ll find ways to adapt and make them your own. Understanding what kind of person you want to be – even if it’s a patchwork of others’ qualities ­– helps boost your confidence level. At least you know what you want.

Learn Your Weaknesses

A confident man may not flaunt his faults, but he doesn’t shy away from them either. How does self-awareness help boost your confidence? It gives you a better picture of what may be holding you back.

Self-acceptance allows you to become a better version of yourself and helps you cover your bases and prepare. Do you in your public speaking skills? You can practice more or even delegate. These decisions make you look more competent and provide a boost in your confidence level.

Do Something Out of Character Every Day

Confidence means keeping your cool even when you’re in ambiguous situations. How do you practice this? By getting used to uncomfortable situations. Do something out of your comfort zone every day. You don’t have to go bungee-jumping (although you may use this as an excuse to try it out finally). Maybe switch to a new style of clothing. Do something spontaneous. Talk to a stranger.

Appearances Matter

If you’re still building your confidence level and not quite there yet, the quickest way to fake it till you make it is to look your best. Exercise and wear clean and occasion-appropriate clothing. When you know you don’t have and you look your best, you won’t seem awkward. You feel good that you’re not offending anyone and that you belong. Once you nail that level, you can work on standing out.

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Your confidence level may not be so high right now, but being aware of where you are is the first step. Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself climbing a few rungs in the self-esteem scale soon enough.