Man in black holding a glass tumbler of an amber-colored alcoholic drink.

Growing up Filipino means you’re raised to respect and follow your elders. But despite getting more jaded with , you realize that maybe your parents, titos, titas, and other had some smart ideas – especially when it comes to the ills and thrills of drinking. Yes, nobody’s nailed inebriation better than your Filipino titos. Before googling “how to cure a hangover,” ask them. You can bet your bottle of Red Horse they’ve got some sage advice.

What Is a Hangover?

For some, it is a feeling worse than death. But such is the price to pay for a really, really good time and drinking too much alcohol. Depending on how much you drank, your alcohol tolerance, and age, hangovers usually last 24 hours. It is the result of your liver’s inability to metabolize all the liquor in your body, causing inflammation and dehydration. In short, you drank too much.

Why You Should Listen to Your Filipino Titos

For years, they’ve honed their ability to withstand the day after a night of partying. They know how to bring moisture back into your parched mouth, and best yet, how to make your room stop spinning. Go on, rescind that “sick leave.” A cure for that nauseating hangover is on the way, care of four very knowledgeable titos.

Have some banana and eggs before drinking.

When it comes to drinking, Tito Renzo is an expert. A proud former advertising agency employee, he recalls his glory days of getting hammered with his colleagues. “I was in charge of all the beer brands,” he shares. “It was only natural that I had to try them for myself.” He discovered the hangover home remedy back in his college days, where he used the same combination as a pre-workout snack. He figured that if it gave him enough energy to power through a school day, it would work for any low-energy situation.

Fortunately for Renzo, science agrees. A published in the National Library of Medicine reveals zinc and vitamin B6, which are both found in eggs, significantly reduced the number of hangover symptoms. “What got me through college drinking is the same stuff I used through my ad agency days and beyond,” he explains. “The key is to take it before drinking.”

Don’t sleep on “hair of the dog.”

Before you give your pooch a , it’s not what you think. Hair of the Dog is a hangover cure Tito Charles swears by. “It’s two shots of whatever you drank the night before,” says Charles. A self-proclaimed whiskey connoisseur, Charles is known to indulge in several tumblers of the amber-hued liquor when he’s out. He believes that his years of drinking have helped him find the perfect antidote to hangovers. “After your shots, you can go out and party again. It’s the best hangover cure!” Charles advises.

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Eat up!

Before falling victim to gout, a very tito medical problem, Tito Carlo enjoyed drinking regularly with fellow titos. Whether it be at a bar, or someone’s house, whiskey and beer would always be involved. His hangover plan: “A big greasy burger or Tapa King before you drink.” He believes that having food in his belly helps coat his stomach for the night of drinking ahead. For the morning after, he recommends , indulging in more carbs, and hopping in the shower to relieve hangover headaches.

Take your hangover relief to the next level with an ice-cold shower and a refreshing facial wash. POND’S Men Facial Wash Energy Charge is infused with coffee bean extracts which are packed with antioxidants that repair skin damage from stress, late nights, and . Trust us, nothing feels better than washing all that misery away.

Load up on Ibuprofen, water, and electrolytes.

For Tito Jose, who works with a lot of Japanese clients, drinking is part of the job. And that means waking up with a hangover is par for the course. After a night of sake bombs and whiskey, he pops three Ibuprofens before he sleeps. It’s one of those preventative hangover remedies that require . If he’s still feeling queasy, he’ll chug lots of water and add an electrolyte tablet.

Since alcohol is known to drain the body of fluid, you’ll need to find a way to rehydrate. A study by Korea National Sport University on the effects of electrolyte supplements shows that electrolytes can help bodies recover better than drinking regular water. So, add an electrolyte tablet to your water if you have one handy.

How to Cure a Hangover: You Can’t

How to cure a hangover? Sadly, there’s no scientific solution, according to a published in Drug Science. As boring as it may sound, the best way is to abstain from alcohol or drink in moderation. But if you still want to party it up like you’re in college, you can try any of the cures from our seasoned “drinker titos” above. Better yet, you can combine a couple of the suggestions for a surefire hangover cure. There’s no harm in trying.