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A few years ago, fitness-tracking app Strava declared January 17 “D-Day.” Based on its data, resolutions – particularly those made on New Year’s Day ­– falter after the 17th day. Recently though, new studies on the subject reveal that more people have been making good on their health and fitness promises. But what about you? Have you finally ended your toxic relationship with exercise?

By that, we mean you have started falling in love with it and have not given up altogether. If you’re still leaning toward the latter, here are a few tips on how to fix your toxic relationship with exercise. The bonus is that this road will make you physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy.

Fitness Not Optional

Many people still consider exercise as some kind of extra. News flash: being physically active is hardly about getting swole or ripped. It’s about taking care of your body. While some folks admittedly do it for the (literal) flex factor, most adopt a regular exercise regimen for health reasons. It could be anything from a morning walk to two hours pumping iron.

Consider exercise a vital, non-optional part of your routine. Don’t treat it as something to do when you have free time or if you need to wear a tight-fitting shirt. Make it an indelible part of your schedule like you do your and bedtime. It is, after all, a necessity.

Do It in the A.M.

It may seem like ironic advice ­to deal with something you dislike first thing in the day, but your love-hate situation with exercise isn’t exactly like . Firstly, doing something physical for at least 30 minutes a day can only be good for you. It’s your mindset that’s blocking you from pursuing it.

Think of it this way: Just. Get. It. Over. With. When you’re finished with the exercise, you’re free to do whatever you want during the day. Plus, you won’t have to worry about extended meetings or emergency deadlines that could prevent you from working out.

Extensive research has also shown that exercising first thing has tremendous benefits. If you’re watching your weight, a Brigham Young University study concludes that physical activity in the a.m. can reduce your appetite throughout the day. Meanwhile, a 2019 paper in the Journal of Physiology emphasizes that a 7 a.m. sweat sesh can improve your biological clock, giving you more energy throughout the day and more rest at night.

Moreover, if you’re so career-inclined (you know, the type to say you need to work instead of exercise), understand that the cognitive perks of exercise are well known. It can boost productivity, stimulate creativity, and improve mental acuity. Wouldn’t you want to be super sharp when you start work?

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Frame Your Mind

In 2020, PLOS One published a large-scale experiment on fitness-related New Year’s resolutions. According to the research led by Martin Oscarsson, 55% of respondents said they were still able to follow through on their goals after one year. So what broke their toxic relationship with failed promises?

These successful respondents framed their resolutions more positively. For example, instead of saying you won’t eat junk food, you can tell yourself to start eating at least one type of leafy vegetable with every meal. Instead of saying you don’t want to be lazy, do something productive every day (like exercising as soon as you wake up).

You don’t need to have a toxic relationship with health and exercise. Stay focused on your goals and work out cleverly. You can even , and soon you’ll be a fitness champ without realizing it. Don’t give up. You can do it!