man checking pimple in mirror

You think you know your body from top to bottom by now—going through the awkward years of adolescence to maturing into your present self. However, age comes with work, expectations, and added stress. Your skin becomes fickle, and without any maintenance, improvement is unlikely. Healthy skin depends on factors beyond puberty. A couple of acne in a bad week is acceptable, but when they start appearing in larger quantities, in places you never knew they could grow, you may need to rethink if you’re doing enough. Here's how to prevent pimples from getting out of hand.

One cause of acne is the clogging of hair follicles under the skin. It means wherever hair grows, pimples can, too.  states that sebum—oil that helps keep skin from drying out—and dead skin cells plug the pores, leading to outbreaks of lesions, commonly known as pimples or zits. Whether you suffer from acne-prone skin or are in a place where acne appears here or there, the ultimate solution is to start by switching to an acne-specific regimen and learning more about what your skin needs.

Staying Clean Head to Toe

Laying the proper foundation for healthier skin starts with washing your face twice a day. This is one of the most effective tips on how to prevent pimples. However, if you’re using whatever soap is sitting beside the sink, think again. Your hand or body soap could create irritation and dryness due to its fragrances and dyes. will alleviate these problems and avoid breakouts. Particular ingredients such as lauric acid and glycolic or  are good to look for to get rid of dead skin cells that could clog your pores.

A product to try and known as one of the best cleansers for acne-prone skin is POND’s Men Facial Wash Acne Solution. Its Thymol-T essence locks itself onto acne-causing bacteria, allowing for clearer and energized skin in just three days.

If you have oily skin, another pimple fixer you could use is the Master Deep Cleanser Anti Pimple. It contains a Dermaclear formula to ward off breakouts, cooling ZEROil to control oil for up to eight hours, and antibacterial agents.

Don’t Neglect Your Body

Remember, skin care isn’t restricted to the face. Hormones, diet, stress, and personal habits can contribute to , especially in the sweaty, moist parts of the body. These tips on how to prevent pimples should extend to those areas, too. Daily showers will eliminate the bacteria, oil, and dirt accumulated over the day and prevent further skin problems from occurring.

Firstly, washing your hair is a must, especially if you use . With sweat, heat, and irregular bathing, grease buildup will naturally occur on the scalp. It could lead to a combination of scalp acne and  due to the clogging of pores. In severe cases, seborrheic dermatitis can occur—producing all kinds of skin problems not only on the scalp but along the hairline and at the back of the neck.

However, you can control an  with CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men. It’s infused with activated charcoal and citrus peel to treat the scalp by deeply cleaning the pores, leaving the hair healthy and the scalp dandruff-free.

Like the motions you go through from hair to face, continuing your cleansing regimen to the body shouldn’t be a challenge, especially if this is where you find the bulk of pimples in the weirdest areas—bacne, butt, and . Not hydrating enough, working out, harsh products on the skin, and poor hygiene are all culprits of potential breakouts. Taking extra measures by hydrating more often, being aware of what chemicals irritate your skin, and cleansing regularly will reduce the likelihood of acne.

LIFEBUOY Antibacterial Bodywash Total 10 can help with that by reaching your nether regions with its rich, creamy lather. The body wash is formulated with its powerful and unique ingredient, Activ Silver+, to penetrate deep into the pores and fight germs to keep you protected.

And to finish off, apply Dove Men+Care Deodorant Spray Clean Comfort after showering.

Don't forget to extend your skincare routine to your underarms. not only soothes the skin while giving you sweat and odor protection, but also acts as a moisturizer. Leaving your skin unmoisturized triggers the body to produce more oil and its overproduction can clog the pores as well. Moisturizing helps smoothen the skin, repairs the skin’s barrier to help with skin hydration, and reduces oil production to prevent acne.

Good hygiene goes a long way, both physically and mentally. Knowing how to prevent pimples will not only improve your daily health regimen but teach you that you can do more for your body. Understanding that will make you feel healthier, better, and more confident in your skin.