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Dating nowadays works at lightning speed. Dating apps and the need for human connection have accelerated and made it difficult for real connections to develop. The growing popularity of Tinder and Bumble is proof. The stages of friendship, "wooing," and intimacy have gone the wayside. People have forgotten the importance of courtship. Things are often rushed, and there is no real bond formed with a potential significant other.

However, not all modern relationships – online or otherwise – crash and burn. Real friendships may often still develop if you follow the rules of courtship in modern times.

Make the First Move

It is easy to express interest when you you like, whether through a friend or at parties or bars. Pay attention to her deliberately, first by introducing yourself, which is the most non-threatening form of politeness. You could then ask about her hobbies or things she likes to do besides hanging out at parties (or wherever you are). Make the first move by asking questions; get to know her in that moment. Get her phone number. 

Text or Call Them Regularly

Once you have her phone number, feel free to text or call. Keep the conversation going until you have both agreed to take it further by setting a date to meet. If it goes smoothly, continue communicating with her via text (or even write them a letter if you want to go the old-fashioned route). Work on that foundation of friendship. The importance of courtship lies in building a solid base for a relationship.

Woo Their Family, Too

At this point in the friendship, take the time to visit her at home. Be in good spirits when at her house. Try to be friendly with her family members and household staff. Pet her pets. You may bring a small gift, like a bottle of wine or a cake. The courtship period is only just beginning. Building her trust takes time and effort.

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Seal It By Touching Hands

As your friendship deepens, it may be time for physical contact. After all, you’ve been texting, calling, and going on dates with each other. Now you can take steps toward addressing the burgeoning physical attraction. At the end of the date, make the first move and hold her hand. Express how much you enjoy their company. Don't forget to ask for consent.

Keep the laughter and joy in getting to know each other throughout the relationship. The importance of courtship also lies in taking the initiative to schedule dates to see each other. Keep the lines of communication open, build trust, and be friends. Take it slow, and you’re sure to find love.