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The link between sleep and fitness is obvious. The latter affects pretty much everything you do in life, from your , and getting enough zzz’s guarantees you can go about your day in peak form, especially if you’re planning a rigorous workout. But what happens after a bad night? Don’t worry, fitness junkie. This article answers all your questions about how a lack of sleep could impact your gains.

Is It Okay to Exercise When YouLack Sleep?

As far as exercise is concerned, a study in reports that sleep deprivation of 30 to 72 hours will hurt neither your cardiovascular and respiratory responses nor your aerobic and anaerobic performance and muscle strength. Yes, regardless of intensity. According to researchers, your lack of sleep will likely be evident in your poor stamina and endurance. A also reveals that it could affect accuracy and coordination.

Sleep doesn’t power you up the way food can, but it does contribute to your overall fitness. After all, this rest period allows your body to recover from the day's exertions. Your body repairs and regenerates tissues, muscles, and cells during slumber, allowing you to reboot. Moreover, sleep helps regulate hormone levels, including those involved in energy balance and metabolism.

A night or three of missed repose might be okay, but chronic lack of sleep could strain your body, preventing you from working out to your full potential.

How Can You Recover from Lack of Sleep Quickly?

According to the Australian study, one off night shouldn’t deter you from working out. Experts recommend scheduling physical activities early in the day to .

Don’t try to push your body too hard. Instead of forcing more complex workouts, like , a pickup basketball game, or a few rounds of boxing, opt for more focused exercises, like or a short jog. Here are other workouts you can do when you lack sleep but are determined to get your sweat on:

  • Walking
  • Yoga, tai chi, meditation, or other similar activities that calm the mind
  • Swimming
  • Indoor cycling
  • Stair climbing

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Should You Exercise If You Can’t Sleep? 

While you should keep your workouts on the lighter side when you lack sleep, you may want to exercise if you can’t sleep.

The Sleep Foundation says that exercise can improve sleep indirectly. For instance, moderate activities can ward off excessive weight gain that could cause sleep issues, such as sleep apnea. A quality snooze can also improve your stress management skills, which may be helpful if anxiety keeps you up at night.

How Can You Fight Lack of Sleep?

If you don’t want to rely on an exercise regimen to get better sleep – especially when you lack sleep, to begin with – you may want to try these other tips that may be more effective in whisking you off the dreamland.

  • Establish a sleep routine. Bedtimes aren’t just for little kids. A ritual will help your body naturally prepare for slumber.
  • Build sleep-conducive . Stay away from at least two hours before your bedtime. Light candles or spray scents if you must.
  • Time your naps. Don't schedule a power snooze just before your bedtime. Overly are also counterproductive.
  • Watch your diet. Avoid heavy meals right before bedtime. Skip the late-night coffee and candy, too.
  • Go out during the day. Exposing yourself to sunlight during waking hours can help regulate your biological clock.

A lack of sleep may not affect your workout if you miss one night of quality slumber but don’t make it a habit. If you want to be , , or just a better man, you need to get those zzz’s in.