A man bathing holding soap in one hand

Do you find yourself switching between liquid soap and bar soap, unable to decide which one you like better and is more suitable for you? Take this quiz to find out!

1. Does your skin feel tight and itchy after bathing or washing your hands?

a. No. My skin is fine.

b. Yes. I feel like my skin is sensitive and dry after washing my hands or bathing.

c. Sometimes. My skin’s reactions are unpredictable.

2. Do you get itchy when you sweat?

a. Yes. I get a prickly feeling when I sweat, and my skin feels sticky.

b. No. My skin feels okay when I sweat.

c. Sometimes. My skin reacts differently every time.

3. Do you like turning your home into a spa?

a. Yes. I love aromatherapy, scrubs, and baths.

b. No. I don’t have that need.

c. Sometimes. It depends on my mood and activities for the day.

4. Do you work outdoors, or are you constantly exposed to dirt or bacteria?

a. Yes. It can get crummy at work, and I need extra protection.

b. No. I work in an air-conditioned office that smells like a hotel lobby.

c. Sometimes. My job is dynamic and requires me to do different things.

5. Do you like to do things quickly?

a. Yes. Speed and efficiency always because I’m very busy.

b. No. I don’t like rushing, and I enjoy savoring experiences. 

c. Sometimes. If my schedule permits, I take my time.

Your Results

Are you a liquid soap or a bar soap kind of guy? Here are your results!

Mostly As: Stock up on bar soaps, my friend.

Bar soaps are great for people who are always on the go and prefer a quick, straightforward shower. Bars also contain fewer ingredients than liquid soap, so there are fewer chances for allergic reactions. If you love that squeaky-clean feel and lots of lather, go on and reach for that bar soap. Try Lifebuoy Bar Total 10 Bathing Bar Soap, which offers 10 times protection against germs and bacteria. This antiseptic soap produces a rich and foamy lather that penetrates pores to protect and  .

Mostly Bs: Lather up with liquid soap.

Drier skin will benefit from the nourishing and moisturizing properties of liquid soaps. They are ideal for anyone who looks forward to bathing after a long day and sees it as a form of relaxation and a good way to unwind. Try Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body Wash, a two-in-one product, which effectively washes away bacteria, protects against dryness, and leaves skin refreshed and cool.

Mostly Cs: Mix it up or use moisturizing bar soap.

If your skin is unpredictable and is neither dry nor oily, try a bar soap that’s loaded with moisturizing ingredients. This is good for guys who like the feeling of solid soap in their hands, but also a relaxing bath. Try Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Body + Face Bar for extra moisturization in bar soap. Like every Dove soap, it contains ¼ moisturizer cream to prevent dryness, and it leaves the skin feeling healthy and strong.

Both liquid soap and bars have their own sets of advantages. Try out the products mentioned above to find out which type of soap is best for you.