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Exercise can keep you healthy and outdoor recreational activities are a great way to get that done while having fun. Not only are you likely to work up a sweat and burn calories, but you'll also get a good dose of sweat and sunshine.

Before enjoying yourself in the great outdoors, remember that your experience will be much better if you take the time to prepare for it. You probably won’t need a whole bunch of gear unless you’re going camping, but there are a few things that you should consider taking with you no matter what you’ll be doing. Keep reading to learn what these items are.

Water Bottle

is vital while doing outdoor recreational activities. Bringing a full water bottle helps ensure you won’t have a hard time doing that. Of course, you should be kind to the environment and use a refillable option.

For best results, choose one with double-wall construction. These maintain the temperature of their contents longer. Although they tend to be heavier, they are still portable and more durable than their counterparts.

However, if you’re going on a longer activity (like a hike), every gram counts, so a single-wall bottle might be better for you.

Putting ice inside will also help keep the water cold. Have a good ratio of ice to water. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself anxiously waiting for it to melt before you can take another sip.


Going on outdoor recreational activities often means exposing yourself to the sun. While this can have certain health benefits, such as improving your sleep and strengthening your bones, you still need to protect your skin from UV rays.

Different types of sunscreens exist, so you should choose one with , which is effective against both UVA and UVB. The SPF or Sun Protection Factor should be at least 30.

Reapply the sunscreen at least every two hours, and more often if you end up sweating a lot or if you’re swimming or going through water. Apply it even if it’s cloudy or overcast. UV rays can pass through clouds unseen, so stay protected always.

Lightweight Towel

Sweating is pretty much a foregone conclusion during outdoor recreational activities, so you should carry a small towel with you to stay dry.

A hand towel will do just fine, although picking one made from microfiber cloth will help make sure that it’s as light and handy as possible without sacrificing absorbency. These come in various colors too, in case you want to color-coordinate with your outfit.

Since you’re likely to use the towel often, pat yourself dry instead of wiping. That way, you’ll avoid the potential chafing and even scrapes.

Don’t forget that using a towel can make your sunscreen come off quicker than it normally would, so reapply sooner if you’ve been sweating and patting constantly.

Water-resistant Cap and Jacket

When enjoying outdoor recreational activities, there’ll be a chance that the weather will turn bad, and you’ll get caught in a sudden downpour. While you can check the reports to see if you should expect rain, there’s nothing wrong with being prepared.

Bringing a water-resistant cap and jacket or even an umbrella can keep those raindrops from falling on your head. Of course, even if you have them, you should put your activity on pause if there’s a storm.

If you’re going with the cap-and-jacket combination, choose breathable and water-resistant materials. Your sweat should dry out quickly, but your protective gear should still protect you from the elements.

Personal Essentials

Depending on the nature of your outdoor adventure, you might want to bring other personal essentials. These include a first-aid kit, a flashlight, and a change of clothes (all very handy if you're going hiking).

Don’t forget to bring your fully charged phone, both for taking pictures and staying in touch with the world of an emergency. You can even bring a power bank to keep all your devices running, in case your activity means you’ll be away from a socket for many hours.

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