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Being the newbie in any scenario can be intimidating. Being the new guy at work? Positively scary. It's okay to admit that, but even if you do, you still have to put your brave face on and fake it till you make it. Here are some tips on how to seem confident on your first day on the job, whether you're a fresh graduate or a seasoned pro.

Invest in a Good Haircut

Getting a fresh cut a week before you start your new job can be energizing. It's just hair, but it can give you the confidence you need to go into that office with swagger. Your hairstyle can also make a difference since people attach assumptions to specific looks. Don’t get a mohawk for this occasion. Just pick something neat and professional looking, like a short, coiffed style or a classic fade.

Stay fresh and free of flakes with CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men, which deeply cleans the scalp and gets rid of dandruff. That’s one less thing to worry about on your first day.

Practice Good Grooming

A study by Growth from Knowledge (GFK) found that 62 percent of people practice personal grooming to feel good about themselves. Thirty-four percent said they do it to . Thus, making a habit can build your confidence over time. When you feel clean and put together, you’ll feel equipped to take on any challenge the day holds. Even when you don't feel confident, a neatly pressed shirt and clean-cut hair will come across as someone with his ducks in a row. 

Start your day with a refreshing shower using LIFEBUOY Antibacterial Body wash Total 10, a germ-fighting product that deeply cleanses and protects the skin with Activ Silver+. If stubble bothers you, take some time to shave or trim your beard. Do whatever you need to do to feel cool, calm, and collected on your big day.

Wear a Flattering ‘Fit

while you were busy job hunting? No problem. You don’t have to fit into your skinny clothes; just wear ones that are your size, and you’ll look just as good. Imagine coming in wearing your sloppiest (yet, admittedly, comfortable) clothes. You’ll probably feel too drab to connect with your coworkers or introduce yourself to your managers. 

A good tailored ‘fit, on the other hand, can make you feel powerful and influence your performance on your first day. A study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that people who try to dress well are more influential, persuasive, and perceived as successful. It’s a good way to fake it till you make it – to the gym, that is.

Mind Your Body Language

Practice your body language in front of a mirror before your first day. Look for cues that might show or uncertainty, such as not making eye contact, slouching, and fidgeting. If there was a right occasion to man spread, this is it. At the office, make sure you occupy space. Slowly settle into your desk and add your things. At meetings, do not sit in a corner or at the end of benches. Instead, position yourself front and center where everyone can see you.

Fake it till you make it with a great smile. Brush your teeth with closeup Red Hot Toothpaste so you can feel at ease as you meet new people and find your place in a new environment.

Be Present and Interested

One of the most convincing ways to be confident is by showing genuine interest in your job and people. When your coworkers introduce themselves, ask them easy questions such as how long they have worked there. How about if there are any good coffee shops nearby? Similarly, make an effort to look thrilled about your future work. The adage “show, don’t tell” applies here. It’s more believable and productive to show your interest through actions rather than words.

If you feel less than confident on your first day at work, you can always fake it till you make it. That is, exhibit confidence by practicing the ways of a self-assured man, as listed above, and eventually adopting them as your own.