Asian man working on laptop while camping.

Remote work has become the norm in most companies, giving more and more people the freedom to without losing their jobs. However, this setup is not without complications. Society is so used to going to offices to work, that any remote setting can be disorienting, not to mention distracting. If you want to keep up with your tasks while exploring other countries, follow these six tips.

Calendar Your To-Do List

Plotting your to-do list on a calendar can help maintain a sense of order in your work life while you’re traveling. This way, you’re on top of the day’s priorities and able to manage your schedule way before your deadlines. Do not under any circumstances attempt to rely on your memory or worse, on vibes to determine the course of your day. That will only end in disaster.

When Working, Minimize Distractions

During the workday, find a quiet spot and go about your business. Coffee shops are a nice alternative to a hotel room or Airbnb. Parks are also great – and free! Just go with what keeps you focused and inspired to do your job. Distractions are inevitable when doing remote work, but, as much as possible, try to minimize those that are within your control. For example, put your social media apps on quiet mode and resist the urge to break your focus for non-urgent work messages.

Do Not Fixate Over Task Order

Here’s one hack that will save your location-independent job: do some work during those little pockets of time that you have in between flights, transfers, and (let’s be real) . Most career coaches will tell you to “eat your frog,” but don’t feel pressured to do so. The truth is your moods and energy levels can become unpredictable when traveling, so go easy on yourself and do whatever work you can when you can. For example, do non-demanding admin tasks when you’re too tired for deep work.

But Do Stick to a Life Schedule

That said, it’s essential to stick to a life schedule while traveling. Try to wake up at the same time every morning and go for a short run, then eat breakfast. Establishing a semblance of routine can help that may come with remote work and maintain a healthy lifestyle on the go. If you’re not able to do focus-intensive tasks during your 9-5, choose a more convenient time every day and stick to it.

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Communicate With Your Team

Open communication is the key to remote work success. You're lucky to have a job that allows you to work from anywhere – don’t blow it by going MIA when your team needs you most. Talk to your manager about your lifestyle. Be honest about why it’s important to you and share the challenges that come with it. More importantly, constantly communicate with the rest of the team to and keep the workflow transparent and smooth.

Allot Time for Rest and Leisure

Finally, don’t guilt-trip yourself into becoming a workaholic in paradise. Honestly, it’s not a good look. It’s also a waste. Allow yourself to enjoy the perks of remote work by taking the time to rest when you’re tired and explore when you’re curious. Work-life balance, baby.