A portrait of Vina Brenica wearing printed shirt and white chinos.

The sun’s relentless blaze may have you contemplating donning a ribbed tank like Jeremy Allen White every day. Nothing wrong with keeping it simple, if that’s your thing. That said, summer wear for men has plenty of other options. The weather may be sizzling, but your need not melt away. These men’s summer clothing essentials will help you survive the heat in style.

Go Loco for Polo Shirts

Few garments can go from casual to professional as seamlessly as the timeless polo shirt. This season, elevate your polo collections with a spectrum of hues. Solid tones like navy and white are easier to mix and match (they camouflage sweat quite well, too!), while vibrant colors, such as emerald and sky blue, bring a refreshing air to your ensemble. Also, consider the fit. Aim for a silhouette that skims the body but doesn’t cling too tightly.

Henleys Will Never Fail You

Plain white tees? Overrated, overused, and way too ordinary. Henleys are the updated alternative for the stylish dude. They retain the comfort factor of regular T-shirts and are highly versatile. You can wear one as is with jeans or throw on a lightweight blazer over it. Basically, this open-placket shirt can be the cornerstone of all your summer outfits.

Update Your Button Ups

Life is too short to commit to only one type of shirt. Why limit yourself? Play around with fabrics – linen and poplin are best for the scorching months. Opt for short sleeves for maximal airflow. If you prefer summer wear for men that’s more laidback by nature, try camp shirts. They have a looser fit, giving you more room for movement.

Swim in Moisture-Wicking Shorts

Gone are the days of packing an extra pair of trunks just in case you find yourself near water. Hybrid shorts are game changers when it comes to summer wear for men. The quick-drying technology works well on and off the land, so you can continue your after a dip in the pool or the ocean without changing your bottoms.

Still, head to the nearest shower (or use the one at home) after swimming. Rinse the sweat and chlorine off your skin with Master All-Day Active Clay Wash Cool Rush. It gives you three benefits in one product: brightening, oil control, and acne prevention.

Dress Smart with Chinos

Some occasions don’t allow for shorts. Maybe you’re meeting a client or attending a . Whatever the reason, you need several pairs of chinos that look sharp enough for dressier events but feel as comfortable as sweatpants. The pants should fit snugly around your hips and taper down the legs.

Layer Up with Chore Jackets

The summer months can be unpredictable. It can be sunny one moment and rainy the next. It doesn’t hurt to carry an outer layer like the practical chore jacket – a piece of outerwear used to be worn by farmworkers and laborers. Like the name suggests, it does all the hard work for you, like protecting you from a sudden downpour and stepping up your style game. Best of all, it will last you years, thanks to its timeless design and sturdy materials.

Keep a Hat Near You

can affect all areas of your body, including your scalp. If you spend most of your time outdoors, add quality headgear to your outfit. It can be a sporty baseball cap, bucket hat, fedora, or Panama hat – whatever fits your mood. Just make sure to wash your hair after a long day in the sun (hat or no hat) to prevent itching and dandruff. Use CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men, which has taurine and menthol to keep your head free of flakes.

These days, summer wear for men includes more options. No longer just made for utility, these essentials can help you enjoy the warmer weather with ease and style.