A man does triceps dips.

If you’ve been neglecting your triceps workout, this is your reminder that these muscles are essential to your overall fitness, strength, and flexibility.

While it can be tempting to focus on building your other parts, such as your biceps and back, you’ll miss out on some serious muscle if you neglect your triceps. After all, they are double the size of your biceps and involved in many arm movements. You won’t be rocking those big guns without them!

Ready for a quick refresher on why a triceps workout is so important? Keep reading!

Increase Your Upper Body Strength

A triceps workout works on three muscle groups: the long head, lateral head, and medial head. These end in a tendon that attaches in and around the elbow. Strengthening the muscle strengthens the tendon, and the bones around the elbow joint, which helps keep the latter healthy.

Moreover, improving your triceps allows you to maximize because you need them for other activities, including bench presses, pull-ups, and push-ups. While you don’t have to work your triceps and biceps on the same day, doing so is an efficient way of getting bigger and more defined arms.

They Can Give You Better Flexibility

Strong triceps increase shoulder stability and boosts the extension range of your elbows. It can result in an improved range of arm motion and , which is essential outside the gym.

Your triceps are at work when you close the trunk of your car, climb a ladder, or get something from or put something into a cabinet. Sports like swimming, boxing, and paddling a surfboard also involve this muscle.

If you neglect your triceps workout, you could end up with muscle imbalances that cause shoulder pain and difficulty with throwing actions, among other issues.

Improve the Stability of Other Upper Body Muscles

Strengthening your triceps helps improve upper body stability. It means sturdier shoulders, , and back. Consequently, all of these . Actions such as push-ups involve both the chest and triceps. They may not seem or feel like they do much, but your triceps are crucial to getting stronger overall.

Stretch Before You Go

You can develop your triceps not only by lifting weights but also by stretching. It loosens tight muscles, which are often a cause of pain or even injury. Triceps stretching also improves flexibility, lengthens the muscles, and boosts circulation.

According to a in the International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, you can develop your triceps by focusing on pushing weights away from the body. Tricep dips, a bodyweight exercise you can do on a machine, mat, or chair, are popular for strengthening this muscle, along with the deltoids and pecs.

No matter what method you use, avoid pushing yourself too hard. Give yourself enough time to recover, and don’t neglect your other muscle groups.

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Have fun and get even more fit in your next triceps workout!