Asian man with glasses eating pizza and drinking beer on couch.

Do you realize just how synced your is? Think about how working out boosts your mental health. Or how your psychological state influences your appetite. Or how your unhealthy eating habits affect your appearance. Your life is like one big, choreographed event. So, the next time you try to erase that stubborn pimple with copious amounts of salicylic acid, stop. Don’t blame the . Look at the bag of chips you had for dessert last night.

The Link Between Your Diet And Skin

Balat lang yan. Wala naman mangyayaridiyan. You may forget that your skin is also an organ just as essential as your heart, brain, and kidneys. It is your first line of defense against the outside world, after all. Like all the other vital parts of your body, the skin is sustained by nutrients – and the good ones help it thrive.

But before you trade pizza for pogi points, you might be pleased to know that the connection between greasy food and acne is a myth. Acne is caused by the overproduction of sebum, the oily substance that clogs up your pores and . The grease you consume is unlikely to ooze out of your skin. However, you could congest your pores through oil that splashes on your face as you slurp your ramen or if you touch your cheeks after holding a fried chicken.

While hygiene isn’t the only culprit behind bad skin, it does play a role. Wash your hands diligently, especially if you love touching your face. If you binge on lechon, steak, and donuts, don’t forget to wash your face before collapsing into a food coma. Use POND'S Men Facial Wash Acne Solution. It has Lock & Clear tech that can in three days, and thanks to the Thymol T essence, it wards off lingering acne-causing bacteria.

Now that you know eating bacon is safe, what would jeopardize your baby-smooth complexion? According to a paper in , foods with a high glycemic index are likely to prompt breakouts. White bread, white rice, sweets, soda, and juices are common examples. The study also states that increased dairy consumption correlates to zit formation, especially in a Western diet. That said, since two-thirds of the Asian population is likely lactose-intolerant, you may want to skip the milk altogether.

If one of your unhealthy eating habits involves going gaga with salt, then you might want to look for other seasoning alternatives. A high-sodium diet can cause inflammation and bloating. Unless you had a secret cry sesh last night over the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode, those puffy eyes are likely due to the fresh fries you had at midnight.

Does Unhealthy Eating Habits Affect Hair, Too?

Like your skin, your hair is part of the integumentary system, so it also needs nutrients to look good and vibrant. There are many ways unhealthy eating habits can impact your hair health. For instance, your hair needs keratin (a type of protein) and amino acids (a protein component) to grow properly. A protein-deficient diet won't exactly give you those .

Moreover, hair needs vitamins and minerals to stay strong, especially if you’re going for that Jason Mamoa vibe. If you subsist solely on fast food, your hair may not receive the vitamins A and E, biotin, iron, and zinc required to stay healthy.

While more research is needed, several studies also suggest that sugary, yeasty, and oily foods can exacerbate dandruff. Certain food intolerances can also trigger flaky skin issues. If your scalp frequently experiences a blizzard, you may need to make some changes. Apart from a diet adjustment, get that with the right shampoo. Use CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men. Menthol helps remove grime, grease, and flakes from your hair and scalp, giving your head a crisp and cool feel.

What Can You Eat for Better Skin And Hair?

Sorry to break it to you but there's just no way to get around . A study from the Netherlands shows that people who ate more fruits, vegetables, fish, and fiber exhibit fewer signs of skin aging. Another study in France reveals that those who enjoy a Mediterranean diet (mostly vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, beans, and whole grains) have a lower risk of skin cancer.

Eliminate your unhealthy eating habits, start working out, and don’t forget . These are the key components of looking and feeling good.