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Has anyone ever told you to step out of your comfort zone? Climbing out of your safety net and opening yourself to new possibilities are terrific goals. Explore new boundaries. Try something you have never done before.

Leaving your comfort zone is good for you. It encourages you to live larger and work towards a fuller life – not that staying in your safe space is outrightly wrong. Some people thrive in it; it can also benefit your mental health if you’re the type to feel overwhelmed by new experiences.

But whether you love adventure or are an introvert, it pays to expand your horizons. Think of a dog in a kennel. The kennel is cozy and warm, but your pet doesn’t have much wiggle room. It has no choice but to stay in the same spot – you, on the other hand, have options.

What if you were to expand that enclosure? Maybe instead of staying confined in a cage, you could grow your kennel by a couple of inches. One moment you’re looking at only walls, the next, you have space to stretch. Then perhaps, with some time, you have an entire backyard to wander around, explore, and try new things. You don’t have to go from the kennel to the great outdoors overnight. Just try not to stay stuck.

Expand Your Comfort Zone: What is a Growth Mindset?

Learning, adapting, and growing are qualities you need to expand your comfort zone. This growth mindset helps you push past your hesitations and take the plunge. You have a never-ending belief that skills and talents can be acquired and honed. You are more open, a go-getter who is humble but aggressive. After all, you understand that you don’t know all the answers. It's why you’re willing to step out and learn.

On the other hand, someone with a fixed mindset tends to stay put and settled in their ways. While not inherently wrong, it can limit your prospects. In today’s ever-changing times, you must admit that being flexible is a . What you knew yesterday may not be the same as what you discovered today. So, unless you want to be stuck on Pluto still being a planet, you might want to expand your horizons a bit.

Ways to Expand Your Comfort Zone

If you’re nervous about leaving your comfort zone, then flip the logic. It’s not about stepping out but rather putting in. You’re adding more things to your repertoire that make you secure and creating new, familiar experiences.

Here's your reminder to be the best version of yourself, embrace change, and make the most out of life. Read on for ways to expand your comfort zone.

Don’t think, just do.

Don't use this as an excuse to make rash decisions. You should not inhibit yourself if you want to try something new. As they say: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Often, you hold yourself back from doing the things you have always wanted to do. Overthinking – and being prone to negative thoughts – can cause decision paralysis and prevent you from making decisions.

Simply “doing” already expands your comfort zone. Tell your crush you like her, apply for that one-in-a-million dream job, ask your boss for a , or take that vacation you’ve always wanted. Whatever consequence comes out of it is likely not as bad as you think it will be.

Do not be afraid to fail.

Failure is not something to fear; it is something to learn from. When you’re trying to expand your comfort zone, start viewing failure as an opportunity to grow. After all, when you’re down, the only way to go is up. Experience is undoubtedly the best teacher. You could be so afraid to disappoint that you end up doing nothing – and learning nothing. 

People fixated on learning will not get so hung up with results. Instead, they look at their experiences as lessons. When you focus too much on victory, sometimes you forget the details of why something was successful and whether it can work again in the future. However, when you’re set on expanding your comfort zone, it’s about enjoying the process and digesting the learning after.

Say yes to things you would normally say no to.

Here’s one way to shake things up and expand your comfort zone: say yes to things you would say no to. Take up tasks in a project that don’t necessarily fall under your specialization. Go out with your friends to that concert instead of staying at home. You might be surprised by what you pick up.

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Don’t leave any room for regret. With these tips, take steps to live a fuller life and expand your comfort zone.