Asian man in a suit, fixing cuffs in front of mirror.

A groom’s job doesn’t end with proposing and signing the checks. It’s the 2020s. You should be doing more to help your brides come wedding season. How about joining in during meetings with the coordinator? Or at least feign interest when your girl asks you to choose between canary or lemon yellow.

Besides the usual wedding prep, such as selecting vendors and doing your pre-nuptial seminars, don’t postpone your groom grooming duties till the last minute. Here’s a quick checklist on how to get your glowing groom on.

1. Don’t Neglect Time-Tested Self-Care Practices

Preparing for wedding season isn’t always about suddenly embracing a or going to an aesthetic doctor. Sometimes, proper maintenance is all you need. and in the months and weeks leading up to the big day can do wonders for your looks and mood.

2. Assess Any Grooming Issues

Look at yourself hard in the mirror – you can be sure your bride did, so pull your weight, too. Do you have any grooming concerns you want to address before you face a hundred or so people? You don’t want to be snowing on your bespoke suit during the ceremony.

? Switch up your shampoo for CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men. It has taurine and Triple Anti-Dandruff Technology to eliminate and resist dandruff. It also has menthol to remove grime and grease, keeping your head cool and ready for the heat of the event.

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When it comes to skin care, prevention is better than cure. Don’t let debris settle on your face and . Remember daily sun protection to protect your skin from UV damage, especially if you’re .

3. Finalize Your Look

Plan how you want to look during your wedding. Apart from your clothes, what hairstyle are you going to wear? How are you shaping your facial hair? If you want to , test it several months before the wedding – perhaps right after your engagement – to see if it’ll suit you.

If you’re just freshening up your daily ’do for the wedding, get your haircut done about a week before the ceremony. This way, you’re giving your cut time to settle and you won’t look overdone.

4. Work Out

Do you know how to make that designer suit look extra good? Start a , stat! Initiating an exercise regimen early will guarantee better progress and results. The effects go beyond nailing those nuptial photographs. Exercise will make you less anxious about any hiccups during the wedding preps and boost your confidence during the ceremony. Who knows, it may just help you kickstart a long-term habit! 

5. Check Your Teeth

Make your smile SDE-perfect by visiting your dentist to see what you can do to make your pearly whites, well, white. Some teeth-brightening solutions take a while, especially if you’re going the “natural” route. You need advance notice to ensure the treatments kick in.

On the day itself, make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly and floss in between the cracks to catch any wayward broccoli or remnants from last night’s dinner.

6. Don’t Forget Your Nails

Don’t be so worked up in the major details that you forget the minor ones. If you’re not up for a professional manicure, you should at least ensure to trim your nails and scrub them clean. You wouldn’t want your bride reciting her vows, about to slip the ring through your finger, only to pause to grimace at your grimy nails. Now there's a candid photo for the ages.

7. Allow Yourself Some Pampering

Remember that this is your day as much as it is the bride. If you see your girl indulging in some self-love to get ready for the wedding, go ahead and pamper yourself, too! Join her in her diamond peel sessions or massage appointments. Sign up for a to get away from the exhaustion of planning. The wedding season can be stressful for you both, so don’t forget to relax!