Asian man rock climbing.

As the saying goes: “You only live once.” In the past decade, the concept of YOLO has experienced highs and lows. It started as a movement that saw millennials take promising (if uncertain) paths toward self-fulfillment, like founding businesses or quitting desk jobs to travel the world. But over time, YOLO evolved into a trend that encourages recklessness at the expense of common sense.

But the seize-the-day mentality at the movement’s core isn’t inherently negative. After all, the sentiment that you only have one life still rings true and puts things into perspective. With a healthy approach, saying “YOLO” and shooting your shot can help you fulfill your potential, experience new things, and live life to the fullest with few regrets.

You Only Live Once: 5 Things Worth Taking the Leap For

Life is short, so why hold yourself back? There’s no time like the present to and experience new things that can bring out your best self. Take a leap of faith!

1. Bungee jumping.

Most people think of bungee jumping as the definitive "you only live once" activity. Leaping off of great heights into nothingness is about exhilarating as it gets. There's nothing quite like the sense of fulfillment you feel when you come out on the other side.

Bungee jumping activates your fight-or-flight response. Once you jump off the platform, your body expects you to get injured, kicking your adrenaline into high gear. Yet during and immediately after the jump, you realize that you’re safe. That leads to a rush of endorphins.

This death-defying activity can help you get over fears of heights or falling. It makes you feel good and gives you a massive confidence boost. You’ll feel on top of the world right after jumping.

2. Riding a rollercoaster.

If you have never gone on a rollercoaster before, it’s worth trying at least once – provided you have no health conditions that could complicate the ride. Make a day of it and head to an amusement park!

Rollercoasters are a literal thrill ride. They give you an adrenaline rush as you speed through peaks, valleys, and loops. In case you need one more reason to convince yourself, here it is: one study found that riding a rollercoaster can reduce stress levels and mitigate anxiety.

3. Confessing your feelings.

Who says the "you only live once" mindset only applies to thrilling, physical adventures? If you ever find yourself hesitating to do something important to you out of a fear of the unknown, those situations definitely call for YOLO. Do you have feelings for someone special, but you're keeping those feelings bottled up? Here's your sign to be brave and .

After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Who knows – it could all work out in your favor. And even if they think you’re better off as friends, learning the truth can still be a good thing. At the very least, you’ll get closure and you can move forward.

Are you worried about making it awkward? The key is to keep the conversation casual. Say you want to be honest by sharing your feelings. Reassure the other person that they should feel pressured to reciprocate and that you can take it slow or stay friends.

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4. Asking for a pay raise.

Asking your boss for a raise can be intimidating, especially in a culture where people are taught not to talk about money or "demand" anything from superiors. Thankfully, times are changing. Speaking up is one way to stick up for yourself at work and improve your career trajectory.

When it comes to work and career, the ability to assert yourself is a valuable skill to have. If you believe you deserve better compensation for your contributions, bring it up with your boss. An honest conversation about expectations can benefit everyone involved. Whether you come out of it with a raise or not, you'll know where you stand.

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5. Public speaking.

Many people fear public speaking. But honing the skill can help you inspire, convince, and motivate other people. Do you need to pitch a business idea to potential investors? Maybe you want to rally your loved ones behind an advocacy you’re passionate about. With improved public speaking skills, you can bring people to your side with nothing more than a speech and a smile.

To improve, you must be consistent. Practice makes perfect. Talk to yourself in front of the mirror if you must! Organize your thoughts before you say them out loud and communicate them as clearly as possible. Remember to talk to your audience – not at them – to keep them engaged. Rinse, repeat. You’ll get the hang of it eventually. 

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You only live once, so be bold and do the unexpected. Get out of your , conquer your fears, and do scary-but-worth-it things from time to time. No regrets!