Asian man having fun with colleagues at the office

After a few years of working from home, being at the office and around people again can feel a bit awkward. There’s no better time to start building rapport with your colleagues to get back into the groove of things. You can be instrumental in this transition by simply being you – plus a few genius moves here and there.

What Is Rapport Building?

If you have ever met someone for the first time and clicked instantly, that’s rapport. It’s the chemistry that allows you to “get” each other. There’s mutual understanding, agreement, and coordination, which leads to positive communication.

That said, rapport doesn’t always happen instantly, but thankfully, it’s something you can nurture and work on. Perhaps you and your colleague have different personalities, or one of you is slower to warm up or is socially awkward. While there’s no formula for building rapport, all it takes is a little more intention from all involved.

How to Build Rapport With Colleagues

A guy that can make all the above happen at the workplace is a valuable and an asset to the company. Here’s how you can be him!

Be genuinely interested in people.

It’s uncommon to be interested in every person you meet, so don’t force it if some co-workers don’t spark your curiosity. However, if you want to be part of building rapport at your workplace, you may have to step it up. Sometimes, it’s as simple as taking notice of the little things.

Perhaps you’ve spotted a Funko Pop on their desk or a photo of their dog. These can be safe conversation starters that also tell people you’re interested. Once you ask people about their passions, they’ll feel more at ease with you and be more open to sharing.

Ask them questions. Let them weigh in on a light, debatable topic – like where to go for lunch. Maybe avoid divisive subjects such as politics and religion for now (or ever) if you want to keep things civil and professional.

Find common ground.

No matter how different two people may be, they will always have common ground. The same applies to you and your colleague. Whether you’re dealing with age gaps or just varied interests, there’s likely to be something that binds you both.

If you can’t figure out what that is yet, ask. Inquire about where they went to school, the last movie they saw, or where they last went on vacation. Did they grow up in the city or the province? Are they into K-Pop? These conversation starters can help you get to know each other better.

Be authentic.

Even as you go out of your way to get to know your colleagues, above all, be yourself. You don’t need to pretend to be someone you’re not, feign interest or invent stories so that they feel more comfortable with you. Pretending you’re into the same sport, such as tennis when you’re more of a basketball guy won’t fly – they will see right through it, and you’d lose their trust. Don’t be afraid to share your interests. Invite them to play if you’re still into such as Pokémon. They might even find it adorable.

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Building the career you want starts with building rapport with the people at work. It may sound like a chore, but you could end up having fun along the way. Ready to give it a shot?