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When it comes to hairstyles, a clean cut for men is the default. This is why women see men with long hair as mysterious — it’s just not that common. But don’t worry. You can still be the object of female curiosity with a short .

Clean-cut hairstyles come in different types. There’s the barber’s cut, which is the standard haircut for , the military-inspired crew cut, and the voluminous pompadour, among others. These are low-maintenance cuts that your can adjust to suit your face shape and features. If you’re thinking of going short, here are some perks you might enjoy.

It’s Easy to Maintain

The most obvious advantage of a clean-cut hairstyle for men is how fuss-free it is. Ask your barber for a wash-and-wear style that won’t need much primping. Maintenance will only go as far as getting a regular trim, which will keep your cut and sharp. Try making an appointment with your barber at least once a month.

It Dries Quickly

We know this sounds minor, but it can save you from hair woes in the future. Did you know that air-drying your hair can also be harmful? The longer your hair stays wet and retains water, the more the cortex or middle layer of the hair shaft gets damaged. This part of the shaft can swell and break as it tries to hold moisture. Thus, resulting in split ends. Leaving your hair wet for too long can also cause fungal infections, such as , or dermatitis.

After washing your hair with CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men and ridding your hair and of flakes-causing debris, dab your hair with a towel until damp — not wet — then air-dry.

It’s Way More Adaptable

A is easier to style to suit different environments. You can wear it to parents — no problem. You can rock it at the office without alerting HR. Plus, easily style it slick, or wear it as is with a small amount of or pomade. For a better look, use a that provides long-lasting control and shine.

It Makes Your Hair Look Fuller

Newsflash: Growing your longer won’t hide the fact that it’s, well, thinning. If you’re encountering this issue, then keep your hair short. Shorter haircuts not only make your hair look fuller, and but they make you look more in control of your hair. Longer hair is also prone to damage, split ends, tangles, and dryness. 

Overall, a clean cut for men is the way to go if you want hair that’s low-maintenance, adaptable, and less prone to damage. Just make sure to still use shampoo and conditioner to keep it full, healthy, and strong, no matter the hair length.

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