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Greasy hair doesn’t seem like such a huge problem – at least initially. However, too much oil on your scalp and hair can worsen dandruff and trigger acne on your scalp, and nape. Greasy hair, my friend, is a slippery slope towards a myriad of other hair and skin concerns.

Greasy hair isn’t exactly the best look to have, and fortunately, you can fix it. The oily hair remedy you’re looking for may just consist of a few lifestyle tweaks.

What Are the Causes of Oily Hair?

The oils you produce are courtesy of the sebaceous glands tucked in your dermis. You become a little extra slick when these sebaceous glands go on overdrive. Genetics, stress, hormone changes, diet, or certain prescription medication can affect your sebaceous glands' performance. People with thicker hair also produce more oil though the effects are less noticeable than those with thinner hair.

You have more of these glands on your face and head, which is why those areas are worse off when your oil secretors are acting up.

Quick Oily Hair Remedies

Don’t reach for that hat! While covering your greasy head may seem like the easiest solution, it is hardly the most effective one. The sweat from your hat will only make your hair flatter and more matted. You have to think long term, dude. Plus, you really shouldn’t wear hats indoors.

Unless you’re a greaser (and you’re likely not because this isn’t a 1950s-set musical), here are some hair hacks to abide by to eliminate excess oiliness in your head.

Find your shampoo style.

Washing more frequently is the reflex reaction when you have greasy hair. While shampooing can wash out the superfluous grease, too much washing will just prompt your sebaceous glands to pump out more oil, making your efforts counterproductive.

Striking that balance is tricky and may require some trial and error. However, assess your scalp, hair, and context. If you’ve just gone to the gym or finished an activity that would make your hair extra greasy, then you’re likely to get a free pass for shampooing more than once a day. Other than that, once a day should be your default – especially if you wash your hair right.

Wash your hair properly.

Those with oily hair often focus on the ends of their hair. However, you concentrate on the scalp when you shampoo. It is, after all, where the oily magic happens. Massage your scalp (with your fingertips, not nails) for a more thorough clean.

Use  CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men. It washes away the dirt, pollution, and residue that can get trapped in your hair. Activated charcoal and citrus peel clean deep into your pores and leave your scalp squeaky clean. It can save you from surplus grease and . Just don’t forget to rinse out your shampoo properly.

Use a bit of powder.

Is your hair limp and lifeless and you need it to be, well, less greasy stat? Pump some life into it by sprinkling a bit of baby powder on your scalp. It will soak up the oil and give your hair a little extra body. However, make sure to stick to the roots and blend the powder well so you don’t get clumps of white paste tangled into your hair.

And remember, this is for emergency purposes only. After you’re done, make sure to visit hack number 2 and wash off that powder residue.

Stop fiddling with your hair.

If you’re conscious about your greasy hair, exercise restraint and don’t touch it. Toying with your hair will worsen the situation. You’ll not only spread whatever’s in your hands to your head, but you will also likely drag down the oil from your scalp to the rest of the shaft.

You also shouldn’t comb or brush your hair too much when you know that it leans towards the slicker side. Minimal movement, minimal fuss.

Avoid oil-based products.

Adding grease just isn’t a good idea. If you’re set on styling your hair, make sure that your products are water-based. Stay away from that add shine because these will likely contribute to your slippery situation. And again: Wash. It. All. Out. After. When it comes to greasy hair, it’s that simple.