A portrait of man with Korean perm.

You just got a perm, now what? Other than rocking it with swagger, you need to put more effort into caring for your new coils the best you can. That means you might have to shake up your entire . The good news is that we’re here to help so you can avoid rookie mistakes guys with permed hair often make. Take note of the following basic rules of post-perm care.

Leave Your Hair Alone for the First Week

If you’re wondering what to do after getting a perm, follow this sage advice: do absolutely nothing. The perming solution takes hours, sometimes days, to fully set. Any external disruption can compromise the chemical bonds and mess up the shape of your curls. So, hold off on brushing, styling, and washing your hair for the time being.

As for how long you should abstain from touching and wetting your permed hair, it’s hard to give one answer. The downtime may vary based on the type of perm and the hair characteristics. Generally, for a , a waiting period of 72 hours is recommended. But wait for a full week to be on the safe side.

Put Your Money in the Right Products

A perm can be a time-saving investment. Wake up, and your hair already has tons of texture and volume. But there’s a catch. The harsh perm chemicals change the protein bonds in your strands, making them more vulnerable to damage. Moreover, using haircare products with drying ingredients can lead to frizz and, worse, – two problems all guys with permed hair know too well.

Maintaining a perm can be tricky without the right products in your arsenal. Starts by getting in the habit of using a fortifying shampoo and conditioner. No need to buy separate bottles; you can enjoy the benefits of both with Dove Men+Care Strengthening Shampoo. This 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is enriched with calcium and caffeine that help strengthen your hair roots and make your .

Feel the Breeze

Step away from the hair dryer. The intense heat can irritate your scalp and strip your mane of essential moisture. And since it’s already pretty weak after a perm, you’re basically frying it.

Air-drying is the way to go. Not only does it spare your hair from heat damage, but it also helps shape your waves nicely. To do it correctly, remove any excess water by patting your head with a microfiber towel before letting your strands hang loose. If you have lots of hair and must rush out, attach a diffuser to your blow dryer and set it to low heat.

Buy a New Comb

Guys with permed hair have one common enemy, and it’s a fine-tooth comb. Yes, the same one you probably have in your drawer that has seen better days. This tool might be practical for those with straight hair, but it can shred and tear textured hair.

Switch to a wide-tooth comb or a detangling brush instead. Look for materials like wood, bamboo, nylon, and silicone since plastics can cause static and more tangles. Most importantly, be sure to use it only when your hair is wet.

Revamp Your Sleeping Routine

If you want to know how to make perm last longer, the secret is to plop your hair before bedtime. All you need is a long-sleeved T-shirt.

First, coat your damp strands with a curl-enhancing cream (a must-have for guys with permed hair) while scrunching them in. Next, flip your head upside down and wrap it with the T-shirt like a makeshift turban. Tie the sleeves around the back. With this on, you can throughout the night without worries.

Schedule a Trim

Growing your hair out can weigh down your permed waves. To prevent this, every four to six weeks for a trim. Ask them to cut off the bare minimum if you’re planning to go full-blown John Wick. This will help get rid of dead ends and keep your mane healthy.

Sure, guys with permed hair have to invest more thought into their grooming practices. But in the end, the results are well worth the effort. Plus, the ladies seem to find attractive.