are known for adventurous hairstyles, but nobody wants to spend most of their morning in front of the mirror trying to get their hair to look a certain way. If you’re looking to sport  but don’t want anything fussy, here are some low-maintenance styles for you.

Curtain Bangs a.k.a. Comma Hair

Reminiscent of cuts worn by ’90s then-teenage celebrities Leonardo DiCaprio, Devon Sawa, and Nick Carter, the curtain haircut is making a strong comeback by way of BTS. Also known as the “comma haircut” because the bangs curl up in front like a comma, this Korean hairstyle can be worn long like Jin’s, or clean and short in the back. It requires almost no styling and suits any hair type, but will work best with wavy hair. No need to primp this one — it just naturally falls into place.

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The Charming Two-Block Haircut

The , the ultimate K-pop haircut, is a style of undercut where the back and sides are short or completely shaved, but the top remains long or medium-length, depending on the look you’re going for. A popular style thanks to all the K-pop and K-drama stars sporting it, it's suitable for men of all ages because it lends youthfulness to your look.

Another low-maintenance style, this cut looks best when it’s chunky and a bit messy. Just fluff it with your fingers and you’re good to go.

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The Pineapple Cut

Known for his bowl-cut in Itaewon Class, Park Seo Joon followed it up with another standout look. Dubbed as the “pineapple cut” after the actor posted a photo of his new look and captioned it with a pineapple emoji, this is the kind of haircut you get if you really want to change up your look. Because it’s so short, you only need a bit of wax or to get it to look like, erm, a pineapple! 

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What is the most low-maintenance haircut? It depends on your hair texture and its condition. The healthier the hair, the easier it is to maintain, whatever the style. Considering Korean haircuts to change your look? Consider these low-maintenance, fuss-free styles!