Filipino man getting haircut at the barber

Getting a haircut at a barber shop is part of any grooming routine. Apart from helping you look good and show off your sense of style, it can also be a relaxing experience. This monthly habit may seem commonplace, which is why you may be forgetting old-school – but not outdated – barbershop etiquette.

Good ol’ gentlemanly manners and common sense work whether you go to a fancy barber shop or your favorite childhood barbero around the corner. Sticking to these unspoken rules of conduct makes the service and experience around you pleasant. It may even spell the difference between an OK haircut and a great one.

Barbershop Etiquette: Things You Should Never Do at the Barber Shop

When your barber remembers you as a great client, he may sometimes throw in a free massage or treatment. Perhaps he may even give you leeway for last-minute bookings. But these are just side benefits; when you think about it, men spend a few times a month on a barber’s chair. When you see each other that often, coupled with the intimate nature of the work, it should merit a sense of connection and friendship.

A good relationship with your barber makes the experience mutually pleasant each time you come in for a haircut. So, get on his good side and remember not to do these things at the barber shop.

Arrive late for your appointment.

Barber shops these days are in high demand, as more men take their hair seriously – leading barbers to encourage reservations from their clients. You can always walk in without an appointment but waiting for your turn or a free slot can take a few hours.

It's best to schedule. However, don’t make that an excuse to be late for your appointment. Barbers take time to cut and shave their clients for flawless fades and shapes. Barbers take time to cut and shave their clients for flawless fades and shapes. They dislike nothing more than being rushed. It also pushes back the reservations of other clients who did show up on time, and you don’t want to be the one to cause a domino effect.

Be indecisive about your hair – or dismiss your barber’s opinion.

Thanks to social media, it’s now easier for clients to show their barber the haircut they want to sport. Don’t be the guy that explains his haircut in vague terms, then makes a fuss about how the cut doesn’t meet his expectations.

If in doubt, ask your barber for recommendations on and other factors such as your profession. He may have better judgment based on your hair growth, texture, and face shape.

Piss your barber off.

There are things that you probably do out of habit that you don’t realize can tick off your barber.

  • Showing up to your barber with a dirty head. While you probably think you’re getting a free wash anyway, your barber isn’t there to make up for your lack of hygiene. Ridding your hair of product and sweat from coming in makes hair easier to style.
  • Fall asleep while having your hair cut. Engage in small talk; pinch yourself, if you must.
  • Don’t let his hard work go to waste by putting a hat or cap back on your freshly groomed hair, even if you came in with it.

Keep using your phone while getting your haircut.

When it comes to precision cuts and shaping, it's important to keep still. Move your head even just the slightest inch and you could end up with some disastrous results. Using your phone instead of paying attention to what the barber says is also disrespectful. If you must attend to an urgent matter on your phone, inform your barber immediately so he can step away.

Show up at the barber shop without taking a shower.

It isn’t just about not washing your hair but also about overall hygiene. Getting your barber to wash your hair before cutting it doesn’t replace . Not doing so before a haircut appointment can be rude to your barber since he will be near you for at least an hour. So, please hit the shower before coming to your appointment, and don’t forget to swipe on some deodorant.

If your , keep it fresh and clean with CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men. It thoroughly removes all traces of grime, grease, and dandruff on your hair and scalp and provides a cooling sensation that keeps your head feeling fresh. For men who need stronger hair, Dove Men+Care Strengthening Shampoo helps fortify hair strands while giving the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.

Be a great client at the barber shop and walk away with a haircut and an experience that will leave both you and your barber happy.