A portrait of James Reid with bleached hair wearing sunglasses and oversized shirt.

You know it’s time to when it takes more than 10 minutes to get your hair to look halfway decent. But when you finally sit in the chair, you have no clue what style to ask for. Is the still in? What about the pompadour? Yeah, they’re out of season, bro. If you want to try something new (and next-level rad) for a change, take a minute to look through this year’s trendy haircuts for men.

The Butch Buzz Cut

There’s no better way to put your sharp jawline on display than with a shaved head. The butch is about half an inch longer than the OG military-style version, which makes it suitable for every hair texture. As far as styling goes, you only need a quick trim every couple of weeks to keep the length consistent.

The Classic Tapered Cut

Most trendy haircuts for men go in and out of style every few years, but not the tapered cut. It has stood the test of time and remains the go-to style for guys with . There are many variations to this ‘do, so ask your barber what length and finishes will look best on you. For example, a low taper is particularly flattering on round or oval face shapes. If you have an angular face, a high taper can accentuate your strong features.

The Edgar

You know the bowl cut. It’s the quintessential Pinoy haircut for men who have too much swagger to give an eff about what’s cool and what’s not. But if you think it’s a bit too childish to your liking, is the grown-up, edgier cousin you’ve been looking for.

With its blunt fringe and layered cut on the back, the Edgar definitely commands attention. It’s surprisingly versatile, though. You can add a fade, , or a line design to make it as bold as your personality.

The Modern Mullet

When you think of trendy haircuts for men, might not cross your mind. But the modern take on this ‘80s throwback style has less of that rattail situation and more edge. To make your mullet look less like Joe Exotic’s and more like Jacob Elordi’s, keep the sides super short and leave the back part long enough to cover half of your nape. If your thick hair frizzes up any chance it gets, you may want to add a slight undercut at the back.

The mullet is not a wash-and-go type of haircut, so make time to style it every day. One thing for sure is that you need to wash your hair more often since an can make your mullet flat. Use Dove Men+Care Refreshing Clean Shampoo to deeply cleanse and revitalize your hair. It also has caffeine that helps strengthen your strands.

The Middle Part Flow

has officially made the list of trendy haircuts for men nearly 40 years after its debut. Known for its volume, the 2024 version of the bro flow looks neater and simpler than it did back in the ‘80s. It now matches any outfit you’re putting on, from beach-day casual to black-tie formal. Textures and layers are optional for this style, but a hair flip is mandatory.

The Curtain Hair

Every ‘90s Hollywood hunk had straight hair, a side part, and barely-there fringe. Now, Gen-Z is bringing the floppy ‘do back. You’re going to have to grow out your strands for this look. Give it about six months and then you can have your barber cut some invisible layers to remove some extra bulk.

The Superman Curls

If you have , consider yourself lucky. It has a mysterious allure and just the right amount of softness – quite like the Man of Steel. The trick to nailing Superman’s suave ‘do is using a tiny bit of wax to sweep your mane back. Bonus points if you let a curl hang freely over your forehead.

Styling curly hair may require you to use a bunch of styling products. Get rid of dandruff and product buildup sticking onto your scalp with CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men. Made with Taurine and Anti-Dandruff technology, it banishes and prevents dandruff with regular use.

If you’ve been rocking the same ‘do for years and want to shake things up, choose any of these trendy haircuts for men. Life’s too short for boring hair, anyway. So, take the plunge and schedule an appointment with your barber.