Young man with a shaved head holding a surfboard on the beach

It may seem easier to maintain, but there are a lot of things to consider when rocking a bald head. First, there’s the weather. The hot and cold tend to feel more intense without a head of hair for protection. Second, sun exposure. Not only do you need to take care of your face and body, but you’ll also have to worry about your scalp. Third, you have your standard skin problems, such as pimples, dermatitis, and dryness. 

The fact is, a hairless head still needs grooming, whether it’s shaved or bald. Here’s how you should be taking care of your naked scalp. 

You Still Need Shampoo and Conditioner

If you have a shaved head, you still need to use shampoo and conditioner. You may only have some stubble right now, but they’re still hair. Also, your scalp continues to produce oil, so you’ll need to cleanse that. Luckily for you, men’s shampoos target the scalp to remove excess sebum and . Try using Dove Men+Care Refreshing Clean Shampoo. It has caffeine and menthol to keep your head feeling cool and clean. Because you don’t have hair, a small amount goes a long way.

Watch Out for Dandruff

Bald or shaved heads can still get from buildup and dryness. Exposure to the sun and pollution can likewise cause dry skin, which can lead to irritation. Make sure your bald head is always clean and moisturized to prevent flakes and itching. If dandruff does appear, use Dove Men+Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. This formula cares for the scalp with caffeine and zinc AD while eliminating dandruff.

Protect Your Head from the Sun

If you’re one of those guys who still refuse to use sunscreen, here’s news for you: if you’re bald, you’ll need even more of it. Apply sunscreen generously all over your head, the back of the neck, and ears. This will protect you from sunburn and . Choose a formula that is mattifying and doesn’t leave a white cast to avoid a shiny, bald head. On the other hand, you could also wear a hat or cap for extra protection. 

Eat for Your Skin

The scalp is also skin, so taking care of your skin will make your bald head look healthier. The American Academy of Dermatology lists the following as skin-friendly foods: yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, berries, salmon and other fatty fish, and nuts. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water and get enough sleep, too.

Rock your bald head with confidence by taking care of your scalp. Continue using a shampoo that’s tailored to your scalp’s condition and always protect it from the elements.