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Languishing – it’s a 14th-century word that somehow found renewed relevance in present times. The New York Times eloquently puts it as “feeling blah.” More specifically, it is a restless, uninspired mood. We all lose self-motivation now and then, but when you find yourself in a state of languishment, here are some tips to reset and restart again. 

Stick to a Routine 

Following a routine has numerous physical and mental health benefits. According to research by Northwestern University, having structure can alleviate stress, improve sleep and appetite, and make you more productive. You can also use your routine as a fallback. When you’re unsure what to do, just follow through. Think of it as autopilot. You may not be doing the driving, but at least you’re going somewhere. 

While many people associate having a routine with being predictable (and what’s wrong with that?), you can also tweak your habits to make it more fun. Once you’ve gotten into a groove, you have room for more spontaneity. For example, liven up and have fun by switching up your regular facial wash with POND’s Men Facial Wash Energy Charge. It has antioxidant-rich coffee beans that repair skin damage from stress and UV exposure. Its light coffee scent could also brighten up your day.

Set Goals

Now that you’re moving, it’s time to conquer bigger heights. List some of the things you want to accomplish, whether it's starting or . According to a 2015 study by researchers at the Dominican University of California, people who write down goals are 33%% more successful in achieving them.

The article “The Motivational Benefits of Goal-Setting” published in the Academy of Management journal states that having a plan instills purpose, challenge, and meaning. In a community setting, it enhances task interest, pride in performance, and the sense of personal effectiveness. Many university studies also report that goal-setters tend to hold higher positions at work and earn more. Unleashing your competitive side and healthily feeding your ego could trigger self-motivation.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

Being positive isn’t about neglecting the reasons behind your lack of self-motivation. On the contrary, you understand and accept why you're languishing, but you’re determined to do something about it.

Mood can be catching. So, if you surround yourself with goal-oriented, self-motivated people, you’ll likely catch their optimism, too. A 20-year-study by Dr. Nicholas Christakis and Dr. James Fowler published in The BMJ proves that folks who associate themselves with cheerful people are reasonably happier and enjoy a better sense of well-being.

Go ahead and smile. You might be making someone’s day, too. Use closeup Natural Smile Toothpaste with sea salt and lemon essence to ensure you’re giving off your best grin possible.

Invest in Self-Care

Sometimes, the reason behind your lack of self-motivation could be exhaustion. In today’s fast-paced world, fatigue – whether physical, mental, or emotional – is sometimes unavoidable. Hence, taking time out for yourself is necessary if only for personal sustainability. 

doesn’t have to be grand. It could be going on a weekend trip or just maintaining a simple grooming regimen and taking pride in your appearance. Have one less thing to worry about with CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men . It has activated charcoal and citrus peel to clean your scalp thoroughly and make your head feel fresh, healthy, and cool. You’ll act more confident knowing that you don’t have to deal with embarrassing dandruff.

Practice Patience

Let’s be real: some aspirations take time to manifest. Impatience can make you feel like you’re not going anywhere even though things are still probably stewing. Even finding self-motivation isn’t instant. Don’t rush things because you might end up disappointed. Instead, come up with a concrete timeline for your goals so you can set realistic expectations. Reward yourself by moving at your own pace. You’ll find that you’ll reset soon enough.