Back of an Asian man celebrating on top of cliff overlooking ocean.

The charm of an adventurous person is undeniable. They radiate so much energy and enthusiasm that it almost rubs off on you, but not quite. You’re still the same old you, and they’re off jet-setting to the next exhilarating jaunt. They do, however, leave you with a sense of awe and a desire to do something exciting yourself. What is it about them that’s so ?


An adventurous person has insatiable curiosity. He’s always eager to explore and discover new experiences, places, and cultures. They treat every real-life cliffhanger as something that’s just waiting to be explored, whether it’s an unanswered math problem, a new hobby, or a person they haven’t quite figured out yet. This curiosity can be magnetic and contagious, and according to research in the , it may even make you happier.


Adventure often entails risk and uncertainty, which requires those who love it to possess the courage to step outside their comfort zone and face challenges. While nobody has absolute courage, an adventurous person and pushes past it. If you’re inspired by their courage but aren’t sure where to begin tapping into yours, start by acknowledging your fears and facing them in bite-size pieces.

For example, if you want to do standup comedy but are afraid people won’t laugh at your jokes, perform your routine for your family or film it for your Close Friends list. There are harsh critics everywhere – expose yourself to them in small doses. As the famous Instaquote goes, do it scared.


Flexibility is crucial for adventurers as they encounter unexpected situations and navigate unfamiliar environments. They show adaptability by quickly adjusting to changes, improvising solutions, and making the most out of any circumstance. They’re alert, quick on their feet, and have an awareness of everything around them – all valuable traits in any circumstance, whether you’re in a foreign country or leading an important presentation at work.


Adventure inevitably involves setbacks and obstacles. You could get a flat tire during a biking marathon or spill your last cup of clean water while camping. Resilient individuals view these as challenges rather than reasons to give up. They bounce back with determination and learn from their mistakes so they can do better.

Atomic Habits author James Clear suggests improving mental toughness by pushing yourself every day to achieve small wins, like waking up at 6 a.m. when you’re a late riser or completing your 10,000 steps despite your busy schedule.

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An adventurous person thrives on diversity and new perspectives. They are open-minded and willing to engage with people from different backgrounds, even challenge their own beliefs. They don’t argue with strangers online or feel attacked when people disagree with them. Instead, they express their ideas confidently and listen to the other person’s POV. This openness enhances their experiences and broadens their horizons.


Not to be mistaken for toxic positivity, optimism acknowledges the possibility of failure or disappointment. Someone with an adventurer personality believes in their ability to overcome obstacles and find joy in the journey itself, regardless of the outcome. They ask themselves, “Okay, but what’s going right in my life right now?” This optimism fuels their enthusiasm and inspires others to join them on their adventures. 

Passion for Life

Ultimately, an adventurous person approaches life with enthusiasm and seizes every opportunity that comes their way. All the traits above fuel their actions with meaning and purpose, inspiring the people they meet along the way.