Asian man cooling himself with a fan

Warm weather isn’t new in a country that technically only has two seasons. However, that doesn’t mean that dealing with high temperatures gets easier. Did you know that hot temperatures make you more prone to mood swings? And you thought you just had to worry about heat strokes. A Boston University study states that heat exposure can cause physical and mental health risks. Yikes. If you want to beat the heat, try these affordable hacks.

Drink Lots and Lots of Water

Regardless of whatever else is on this list, you should be drinking copious amounts of H2O if you want to beat the heat. helps regulate your internal temperatures, which is crucial in a warm climate and when you’re sweating profusely.

According to the American Chemical Society, the temperature of the water won’t factor in too much in its cooling potential. Cold water will offer only temporary relief since it only cools the parts of your body it touches. Below-zero or tepid water will hydrate you the same way.

Freeze Aloe Vera Cubes

Regular ice cubes will help you beat the heat just fine, but adding aloe vera into the mix will do wonders – and may even soothe you. is so refreshing that many people use it to treat sunburns and regular burns. On top of these benefits, the gel of the aloe vera plant has antiseptic and moisturizing properties, so you’ll be doing your skin a favor.

Don’t Cook

It’s not always about looking for ways to be cool. Sometimes, you just have to avoid things that will make you feel hotter. The heat from the kitchen and the smoke from whatever you’re cooking will warm you up faster than can say “Ang init!”

Ordering isn’t always practical so reserve this tip for extra hot days.

Fix Your Fans

You probably direct the fan towards you, and that’s it. However, if you want an overall chillier atmosphere, you must understand the physics behind fans to make them work more efficiently. For example, in the evening, when the outside air is likely colder than the air indoors, you can set the fan in front of an open window. This way, the fan will blow in the cold wind outdoors.

You can also create a wind tunnel or a strong cross-ventilation by doing the step above and then installing another fan by another window blowing in the opposite direction. You can also fix your ceiling fan settings. Running it clockwise draws hot air up and out instead of just circulating it in an already warm room.

Sleep Low

Hot air rises. So, the higher you are in your home, the warmer the temperature. You can place your mattress up on the floor where you’ll notice it’s much cooler. If your home has multiple levels, set yourself up on the lowest floor.

Turn Off Your Electronics

You may be used to having your television, laptop, and other electronic items turned on. If you live in a studio or a one-bedroom, you also have your refrigerator, microwave, and rice cooker just humming around. Electronics generate heat, so if you don’t need an appliance working around the clock, switch it off, especially a few hours before bed.

Spray on a Cooling Body Spray

Feel cool and comfortable with a body spray that will refresh you throughout the day. Axe Deo Ice Chill Body Spray has frozen mint and lemon that can keep your skin cool by up to 11 degrees. Just shake the can, twist the cap, and spray its zippy, icy fragrance on your chest. You can apply it in your or after a workout. It’s an easy way to beat the heat.