Two Asian men playing basketball outdoors

No matter what kind of student you were, surely you paid attention to your favorite subject: PE. Thanks to this useful course, you know that the benefits of sports are plenty and valuable. You get a physical workout, you improve your teamwork and leadership skills. Athletics might even polish your social flair. But there are subtler perks to sports – and you don’t even have to know how to dribble to take advantage of them.

Sports Improve Your Critical Thinking

Strategy is one of the more conspicuous . However, according to a study by Stanford University’s Psychology Department, even the mere discussion of games can enhance your cognitive skills. True, not everyone can be naturally gifted with grace or physical prowess, but, the way you can train your muscles, you can practice your mind for analytical insight.

Based on Stanford professor Blakey Vermeule’s observations, people who discuss sports exhibit moral and ethical reasoning and the ability to construct complex intellectual arguments.

Sports Make You Calmer

You would think heated competition would lead to off-the-charts blood pressure levels, but the effect is the opposite. One of the more popular reasons behind this is the release of endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin – hormones and neurotransmitters that regulate your mood. However, Harvard Health says exercise – which you can get from sports – does more than that. It's beneficial for your , too.

Plato once said, “Exercise would cure a guilty conscience.” Harvard calls this muscle meditation, like when the repetitive movements required in drills help you relax. Something is calming about just going through the motions. Sports also provide opportunities for escape, make friends, or establish networks.

Sports Train You for Success

According to the same Harvard Health article, sports instill mastery, control, pride, and . These give you a different kind of energy and discipline that drives you to succeed.

In the book The Upside of Stress, Kelly McGonigal writes that endurance sports encourage a growth mindset that kicks off, particularly during times of stress: “Through endurance sports, you are learning to see yourself as someone who can choose to engage in difficult things, get through them, and evolve in consequential ways.”

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You don’t have to be an Olympic-level athlete to enjoy the benefits of sports. You can always do it for fun!