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Exercise is a great way to establish contacts and build a network. Do you know how many deals are closed on the golf course? Gyms work similarly. Apart from the physical benefits, it’s also a great way to make friends. But what about introverts who want their dose of physical activity without the interaction? It’s possible! Whether you’re staying at home or sweating at the gym, these are the best workout apps to address your hesitations about exercising in a social setting.


A quick and powerful workout finishes the job before anyone can have a chance to say hello. As far as free workout apps go, this is pretty sulit. The complimentary version comes with 20 bodyweight HIIT workouts, 25 solo exercises, and 20 audio-based workouts. The programs range from five minutes to half an hour. If you want an extra challenge or more support, the paid version Freeletics Coach employs an AI personal trainer that creates a more personalized program for you..

Home Workout

This inclusive app targets those who or aren’t keen on using workout equipment. It has sections for all exercise levels and you can choose which area you want to target. It utilizes a goal-oriented system and, despite the basicness of the routines, is just as intense as the otherworkout apps on this list. Other features include coaching tips (to fix your form) and a progress tracker. .


Have you packed on a few extra pounds lately? You can use 8fit to give you the body you’ve always wanted. Apart from and bodyweight routines, it also has a program if you want to transform from porky to beefy.

Another feature worth noting? The developers of this fitness app designed it for sustainability. Sessions last between five and 20 minutes and it focuses on making incremental lifestyle changes, such as shopping smartly and adding greens to your diet..


Your core is your body's central section, so you shouldn’t neglect it. This app is simple. You can choose to challenge your back, abs, or general midsection. A highlight feature is the time limit. You can just input how much time you have to dedicate to your workout. If you’re looking for an app that doesn’t leave room for excuses, this is it! .


Studies show that classes are the ticket to starting and sustaining a workout regimen. After all, peer pressure does have the benefit of getting you to keep up. Openfit takes this advantage and puts it in an app. Introverts can enjoy Openfit's live classes and monthly exercise challenges without face-to-face interaction. It also has a virtual community that you can freely consult under the veil of a username.

It's priced at $95.99 a year, which isn’t bad compared to other workout apps. After all, you have access to over 200 live classes from certified fitness experts. .

Whether you’re working out alone or you’re in a bubble surrounded by other people, don’t forget to swipe deodorant on your ’pits. Rexona Men Quantum Dry Roll-on Antiperspirant Deodorant keeps you dry and fresh no matter how long your workout. It has Motionsense Technology that releases fragrance the more you move. If you want to look up from your workout apps and are ready to strike up a convo with your fellow gym buffs, you’re good to go.