Man standing near a window while crossing his arms.

Becoming an alpha male is not just about spending 10+ hours a week at the gym or knowing the difference between an M4 and AR-15. A fine line separates chest-thumping dudes from high-ranking gentlemen. So, if you want to be the pack leader, read on! You can celebrate your inner alpha without turning into the toxic guy nobody likes.

Stop Seeking Validation from Others

A true alpha male never gloats or, worse, claims that he's the alpha. He knows that his self-worth doesn't depend on external recognition.

Don't get us wrong, seeking a healthy level of validation is normal and human. We all appreciate a pat on the back when we've accomplished something noteworthy. But think of it as a bonus rather than the goal. Your confidence should come from within, not from the approving nods of others.

Let your accomplishments, values, and integrity speak for yourself. Instead of bragging about , keep exercising and your body will show all the hard work. By redirecting your energy toward self-improvement, people will see the best in you without judging you as arrogant.

Be Open to Learning More

What's worse than a show-off? A know-it-all. Someone who dismisses differing opinions, scoffs at new ideas, and clings stubbornly to outdated beliefs — all because he thinks he's superior to most. Don't be this guy unless living in the future doesn't interest you that much.

There are so many facets of life, and an alpha knows this well. To have a , start by cultivating curiosity and actively seeking new experiences. Changes don't threaten an alpha male. He welcomes them as catalysts for growth. So travel, have meaningful conversations, read books, and explore .

Understand the Importance of Teamwork

What is an alpha male without his pack? The biggest misconception about being an alpha male is that you must be a lone wolf who doesn't need help from anyone. However, this “do it all myself” mentality can eventually lead to .

Even if you can do everything alone, working with a team sometimes yields better results. After all, success tastes sweeter when shared with others. And don't worry, cooperation is not a sign of weakness or surrendering control. Quite the contrary, it's a testament to your leadership and communication – the two biggest pillars of the alpha male personality.

Invest in Yourself

We’re not telling you to buy sports cars or Rolex watches. Investing in yourself means prioritizing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. And real talk, is not “drinking a glass of champagne in a bubble bath” – although you’re free to do that. It’s more nuanced and, yes, can be manly. Getting eight hours of sleep every night? Going deep into training? Both are versions of self-care.

It is also the secret to why an alpha male always makes an impressive first impression. Before stepping out, spritz some AXE Ice Chill Body Spray to bust odor and keep you fresh. Its blend of mint and lemon leaves a cooling effect on your skin that can thwart sweat and boost confidence. There’s no shame in putting effort into looking and smelling good!

Reject Violence and Aggression

A toxic alpha male is easy to spot. He may seem confident, but he loses composure over the slightest inconvenience, like getting rejected by a woman or being stuck in traffic. On the flip side, a mature alpha male understands that power can be wielded with grace and restraint rather than with fists and force. Besides, why waste energy and time on childish behavior? You have better things to do.

So what should you do when anger creeps in? Remain calm and assess the situation. Instead of resorting to physical confrontation or verbal attacks, approach disagreements with a willingness to compromise and find win-win solutions. Remember, those who throw punches first are more likely to lose.

It's not a coincidence that most of these alpha male traits can also describe a confident gentleman. They can be the same. If you want to be a respectable he-man, leave the toxic stereotypes behind and drop the macho schtick for everyone's sake.