A couple talking while sitting next to each other.

Most couples go through a natural progression when dating. For those who meet through , it starts with daily texts, then escalates to late-night talking before finally getting to the . For those who meet in real life, frequent texting may follow a successful first outing. Eventually, the question of your relationship status arises. Are you or are you not boyfriend-girlfriend?

The thought of having the “What are we?” conversation might make you . But it’s like ripping an old band-aid – it only stings at the first few seconds. Whether you're initiating or receiving the discussion, the following tips can assist you in navigating "the talk" with clarity, minimizing awkwardness and confusion.

Treat It Like a Regular Date

Let’s face it: you would rather be doing anything else than have this . Change your mindset by setting the time and place as if you’re going on a date, but hold off on the romantic candle-lit dinner. Go somewhere you can both relax and talk it out, like a park or a nearby coffee shop.

Just because the topic is serious doesn’t mean you can’t keep the convo light. Don’t start with the dreaded “we need to talk” unless you want to send her into a panic. You’ll get better results with upbeat phrases like “I’m having the best time with you right now. What about you?” and share your expectations for the relationship.

Don’t Be a Yes Man

Some guys like the idea of going steady, and some guys are not too psyched about becoming exclusive to one girl. Whichever type you are, you need to be upfront with your goals and listen to what your crush has in mind. If you feel the same way about your relationship status, that’s awesome. But if you’re not on the same page, explain where you’re coming from.

You should never lie for the sake of protecting her feelings or saving yourself from embarrassment. Going along with her request might seem respectful initially, but it will only waste time and energy. Stay chill through this intense talk with AXE Ice Breaker Body Spray. It has a refreshing mandarin scent that keeps you fresh and cools your skin by up to 11 degrees Celcius.

Focus on the Positives

It’s tempting to postpone the topic to avoid arguments (or a premature breakup). However, it will come up sooner or later. There are some upsides to defining your relationship status early on. For one, you’ll finally have a clear answer when a friend or relative asks if you two are a couple. It also means no more overanalyzing every single text. The list goes on.

A situationship can be nice, but it can’t last forever. After you make it official, you can finally be yourself and learn more about your girl. And even if you have to part ways, you’re saving yourself from being stuck in a dead-end relationship.

Make Her Feel Appreciated

Talk of relationship status can go downhill real quick if you come across as pushy or needy. Remember that it’s a conversation, not a debate. Sharpen your communication skills by learning to use the “I” statements. For instance, if you want to take things slow, saying, “I’m not ready yet, but I’d like to keep this going the way it is,” sends a message that you’re not putting any blame on her.

What if you’re the one who wants to take the relationship to the next level? Your task is simpler. Tell her how you see your relationship in the future and follow it up with open-ended questions. This shows that you’re a self-assured man who’s considerate of his partner’s feelings.

Read the Room

Don’t be that guy who doesn’t know when to stop talking. Observe her body language. Where is she looking? Is she crossing her arms? These signs can tell you if she’s invested in the conversation or would rather do it some other time. If you suspect the latter, pass the mic to her and be a good listener.

The two of you may need more time to figure things out, and that’s more than fine. It’s not a one-and-done conversation. These things tend to work themselves out at their own pace.

Talking about relationship status is a big deal for any couple. These tips can help you have a productive and mature conversation, and maybe walk away with a girlfriend, too.