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The past year has changed many aspects of our life, including how we meet people and look for love. All the thrills of meeting someone IRL for the first time have disappeared, now relegated to that small screen that sits on the palm of our hands.

As the pandemic extends its unwelcome stay in our lives, dating apps and online dating continue to become part of our norm. Lockdown love affairs, online dating, and video chat have become a good distraction for many people, with dating app Bumble reporting a 93% spike back in March 2020. 

Here are some major dos and don’ts to help you increase those potential matches!

Thriving in the Online Dating Space

Navigating (and winning!) the world of online dating is all about the way you present yourself. Part of the excitement that dating apps can bring is being in full control of how you tell your story online. Stay confident and keep these tips in mind.

Work with your best features.

Build up your confidence and show off your best features to get your profile noticed. Christian Rudder, a co-founder of the online dating site OkCupid, mentions on the company’s blog that the most effective photos for men are ones with animals, ones that are showing off more skin (including muscles), and looking away from the camera. 

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Exude confidence through the screen.

Whether it’s through interesting callouts on your profile or using double-tap-worthy profile pictures, in the world of online dating, adding variety and personality will give prospects more reasons to swipe right. Women like self-assured guys — those who know what they want and aren’t afraid to show their personality. Express yourself and be vocal about your interests to win the ladies over. Confidence in real life comes through on the screen.

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Leave the sexual humor out.

For the first few conversations, keep things light as you’re just getting to know her. Ask her about her hobbies, favorite food, and favorite TV shows. You might find that you have some things in common! Get the ladies swooning and charm them with that smile with closeup Ever Fresh Deep Action Red Hot Gel Toothpaste.

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Things to Avoid in Online Dating

We understand that online dating comes with a lot of challenges (not to mention the perennial risk of rejection). Keep your head up and increase your shot at finding the right match by avoiding some of these big online dating no-nos.

Bringing your baggage to the chatbox.

Increase your chances of locking in that date by focusing on the positives and leaving your baggage behind. The ladies aren’t interested to know about all your relationship fails and hang-ups, especially not on the first date! Instead, keep things fun and light-hearted and talk about genuine common interests.

Tanya, who met her boyfriend of two years online, shares, “A little bit of mystery is always attractive. You don’t want someone who overshares his life to someone they just met.”

Asking too many yes-or-no questions and not giving your date a chance to share more. 

Save the rapid-fire questions for another time. While yes/no questions might be okay for the initial small talk, dragging it on for too long can kill the chances of progressing from online dating to date night. Being a conversationalist also means being a good listener, so keep an ear (or an eye!) out for details that can help you keep the conversation flowing.

Thinking too far ahead.

Even though we’re so used to getting things on-demand and in real-time, it’s helpful to keep in mind that online dating isn’t too different from in-person dating. So, don’t waste time thinking too far ahead! A date is just that. Instead of getting all wrapped up in figuring out why you’re not raking in likes by the hundreds, focus on self-improvement first! Make better use of your time by keeping your skin fresh and clean, staying healthy, feeding your interests, and developing new hobbies. These are the things that make you more attractive!

Being judgmental.

…except when it comes to their political views! In which case, this might give you a good indication of when to swipe left! Seriously though, being judgmental or setting your expectations too high already limits your options tenfold. Allow yourself to meet more people (both good and bad). The online dating site Match.com reveals that the kind of partner people said they were looking for usually didn’t match up with the type of partner they were interested in. So, keep an open mind! 

It’s not rocket science; it’s just online dating. Please do yourself a favor and don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it! Those who succeed in dating apps probably do because they possess qualities such as humor, self-assurance, and, you guessed it, confidence. Be a good listener, show off your personality (and while you’re at it, show off that killer smile and healthy skin) and be open to the experience.

The next time you find yourself on the dating app, ditch the bad habits and try out these online dating strategies. Share this article with your friends and click for more expert .