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What makes CEOs like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates bigwigs? Most people would say wealth and connections, but those barely scratch the surface. Many success indicators don’t involve millions in assets or friends in high places. Look closely and you might find something in common with these high achievers. Read on to find out if you’re on the track to greatness.

You Have a Solid Support System

Maintaining good relationships with people around you signifies competent social skills. Do people trust you enough with their life stories and enjoy hanging out with you? If yes, you have grit and integrity, which are keys to success. Plus, having friends and family who have your back can give you the courage to take risks. At the same time, they’re not afraid to roast you when your ego gets in the way.

Surround yourself with ambitious, insightful, and brutally honest people who are open to sharing their knowledge. Who knows, you may find your future employer, business partner, or potential date through them.

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You Have Time for a Hobby 

One of the most underrated success indicators is time. Knowing that work shouldn’t consume every minute of your day is empowering. Sure, it’s okay to love your job, but sticking to the grind mindset will burn you out eventually.

Successful people spend their spare time on , not scrolling endlessly through social media. This way, they learn new skills and build connections. Having hobbies also affects your mindset. You’ll finish tasks much faster when you have plans to play billiards or go to the gym!

If you don’t know where to start, list things you’ve never done before but find cool and exciting. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have a fulfilling career and time to enjoy your life.

You Know That Failure Is Not Forever

Another one of the most underrated success indicators is being unfazed by failure. Success is about advancing yourself, which means – often! Failure is bound to happen, but what matters is being able to bounce back after each fall.

Your reaction when things don’t go as planned means everything. Instead of throwing tantrums and blaming others, your aim remains steady – sharper even. And with that mindset, you’re more open to untapped opportunities other people find too risky. The result? You become a go-getter who not only thrives in one career but possibly several other income streams.

You Have High Standards

As you become more accomplished, your knowledge and self-awareness increase, too. Things you tolerated before are now out of the picture because your taste has improved. Knock-off sneakers with questionable materials? Nah, high-quality footwear is where the money is at.

We’re not saying success makes you a snob, though. It’s a matter of deciding that you do deserve the best bang for your buck. You’re mature enough to raise your standards when it comes to food, clothing, and even your actions.

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You Plan And Have Clear Goals

Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Nothing can side-track you when you have a vision of where to go in life. don’t work harder or quicker; they simply have a stronger desire to win than their counterparts. That passion drives them to take initiative, observe their surroundings, calculate their chances, and forge ahead. 

Although the vision may change over time, be intentional with every decision you’re making. Don’t dwell on the short-term benefits. Think ahead and see if it aligns with the kind of life you want to live in the future.

How many success indicators did you check off? You might realize that you’re more successful than you thought. The next time you’re feeling down on your luck, remember progress is not linear – and you’re doing a good job.