Asian man with a backpack and a camera in the desert.

Do you see yourself as a free spirit? Do you have an “adventurer” personality that can’t be contained? If you answered “Yes,” you’re likely also constantly at odds with yourself, juggling adult responsibilities with your lust for life. How do you embrace your true nature and be 100% carefree? While there’s no formula (things wouldn’t be so free-spirited with one!), there are some things you can do to get there. Scroll down to find out more.

Leave Ego and Judgment at the Door

Being too hard on others and yourself may be holding back your free spirit. As Gen Z would say, go ahead and be cringe and let others be cringe, too! This means allowing yourself to find and enjoy what makes you feel alive, even when these things don’t necessarily make you look cool. Stop wasting time judging yourself and others. Instead, do what makes you happy and cheer for others who do the same.

Express Yourself Unapologetically

Self-expression manifests in various ways: speech, fashion, and creative pursuits, to name a few. You can also express yourself through a signature scent that captures your free spirit. AXE’s newest fragrance, AXE Jungle Fresh Body Spray, is perfect for adventurous types who want to stay #IrresistiblyUntamed. It has an alluring forest wood and amber scent that’s fresh as nature and is formulated with AXE’s signature ZincZap technology that busts odor for up to 48 hours. Boost your confidence and sense of adventure with this unique scent.

Keep Learning New Things

There is more than one way to expand your horizons. Feed your free spirit with knowledge and information, from subjects that interest you to topics that are outside of your . Doing so keeps you open to new things and reduces unknowns, .

Reconnect With Nature

There’s a reason being in the mountains or at the beach feels so invigorating. According to the Mental Health Foundation, connecting with nature makes you feel happier. It brings you to life and rejuvenates your senses. So, give in to your adventurous side and book an ASAP.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Different

An dares to be different, even when it’s not easy. If you are a free spirit working a 9-5 job, you can still embrace your uniqueness in undisruptive ways. and opinions at proper forums to make sure they are heard and considered. Invite your office buddies to hang out at your favorite places after work. If you’re an entrepreneur, swim against the current and explore new ways of doing business.

YOLO With Care

Being carefree doesn’t mean being careless! If your mantra is “You Only Live Once,” better make sure you’re not cutting your one life short by being reckless or irresponsible. Doing an extreme activity or going somewhere remote? Share your location with a loved one for their peace of mind and yours.

Be Curious About Other People

Being a free spirit means connecting with the world and the people you meet. And no, you don’t need an outgoing personality to do so! Being curious about others can mean engaging in quiet conversation, asking questions, and immersing yourself in another culture. There’s no one way to do it, so go with what feels most comfortable.

Leave Room for Spontaneity

Rules, schedules, and to-do lists may keep you from dropping the ball, but they can also be stifling when done in excess. Leaving room for spontaneity and the unexpected as you navigate life can keep things fresh. After all, detours and surprises are always welcome to a free spirit like you!

Be Responsible

Let’s be honest: You can’t be free if unmet deadlines or unpaid bills always haunt you. Some people can enjoy the idyllic “van life” and be professional nomads because they are disciplined with their commitments and time. There’s a season for everything and this applies to adventurers, too. So, before you go off on another escapade, have your ducks in a row.

Appreciate the Small Things, Too!

Finally, embracing your free spirit means loving everything about life and celebrating milestones big and small. Whether climbing your first peak, jumping out of a plane, nailing a , or winning at Fantasy Football, make sure to do it with your signature fire – and scent!