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Nothing ties a look together better than a good fragrance. But what makes a scent good? Moreover, what makes it distinctly “you”? It must suit your personality and lifestyle. You can’t go around smelling like you’re ready to get lit in a club when what you need to do is smash a presentation at work. But don’t sweat! These all-NEW, upgraded body sprays from Axe has exactly what you need. Freshen up with these scents – there’s one to match every lifestyle!

The Traveler

If you thirst for adventure and exciting experiences in faraway lands, Axe Dark Temptation is for you. You love surfing, , , and flying off to see the world, which makes you mysterious and intriguing. Heighten people’s curiosity with a scent that balances comforting hot chocolate with spicy fruity notes. Warm and aromatic, this Axe fragrance is the ideal adventure companion – and it’ll keep you .

The Relaxed Hobbyist

Are you a chill dude who loves learning new things? Do creative pursuits – like crafting, woodwork, cooking, photography, or mixing cocktails – relax you? You’re probably a hit with the ladies without even knowing it. Freshen up with a fragrance that expresses your sexy side, like Axe Gold Temptation. Sensual and musky, it contains a blend of creamy woody notes from gold amber and vanilla. It’s almost as smooth as you are. 

The Music Enthusiast

The music guy is always mistaken for a “bad boy,” but you’re just a nerdy fan at heart! If you love going to concerts, playing DJ with your friends, or rocking it out in general, make Axe Black your go-to scent. Transparent, zesty, and clean, it fits well with your fun-loving personality. Fresh frozen pear and bergamot mingle with reassuring masculine notes, creating a laidback scent that’s approachable and cool – like you.

The Gamer

Exciting and fun, the gamer is the ultimate Gen Z dude on the outside. You love playing games, whether in an E-sports tournament or a Magic! The Gathering match. On the inside, you’re a chill guy everybody wants to hang out with. Freshen up with Axe Ice Chill, a daring, energetic, and fresh fragrance with lemon, frozen mint, and watery notes.

The Head-Turner

You’re always the center of attention, the life of the party, and the leader of the pack. Always dressed to impress, you can wow anyone with your impeccable taste and flawless sense of style. Although everybody wants you, Axe Ice Breaker is your OTP. Cool, sparkling, and fresh with long-lasting notes of sage, mandarin, and mint, this scent is another way to without saying a word.

The Sportsman

A sportsman is always on the ball and up for any challenge, on and off the court. You thrive in competition, plus you can be a little intense. Take the time to chill while keeping your eyes on the prize with a new fragrance, Axe Recharge, a crisp and natural aquatic scent with notes of fresh yuzu and woody undertones. It’s the scent favored by solid guys that everyone – from teammates to family and friends – can depend on.

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