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Most goal-oriented individuals would have a promotion on their list of career goals. While working hard is one clear path that can bring you closer to this dream, there are other ways to give yourself a leg up. Here, we talk about the mindsets, actions, and habits that will help you get a seat at the table.

Goal-oriented? Build the Tracks, and the Train will Come

Manifesting is the practice of willing something into your life through belief. It’s opening your life and yourself to new possibilities and making space for what you want. Will you get the promotion if you are unprepared for it? Chances are, you won’t.

American author, educator and businessman Stephen Covey says, “Visualization and affirmation techniques emerge naturally out of a foundation of well thought through purposes and principles that become the center of a person’s life.”

Think of your goals and work as if you are sure you’re going to achieve them. Make them at the core of everything you do. Write them down, so you don’t lose track. It’s not enough to just work hard. You need to work hard with a clear intention: What are you working for? Making your goals and needs clear to your peers and yourself increases your chances of getting them. 

Build Genuine Relationships Instead of “Networking”

Networking is when you interact with people solely for making professional contacts. While this can work in the short term, these acquaintances won’t go the extra mile for you if they don’t feel a genuine connection. Your peers will be able to see if your relationships are merely transactional in nature or built on favors.

Forge authentic relationships. Get to know everybody, not just people you need. Listen to their stories and needs. Try to help others whenever you can. Go the extra mile for your team. These are things that employers, colleagues, and partners remember and value.

Keep in Mind that Being the Boss Means Having the Biggest Workload

With great power comes great responsibility. Leading a team has its rewards, but it also comes with a lot of work. Just make sure you are prepared and that your expectations of a post-promotion life are realistic. The best way to show your company that you are ready for a promotion is by showing them that you can handle more. You can do this by offering to take on projects outside your comfort zone, working seamlessly with your colleagues, taking responsibility for any missteps, and thinking of what’s suitable for your company and the people you work with.

Dress Appropriately for Every Occasion

If you want your line manager to see your potential, it’s important to look the part. Your physical appearance — from personal hygiene, grooming to how you present yourself through your clothing choices — has a significant impact on the everyday impressions you’re going to make on colleagues, business partners, and managers. Make sure you always look professional with these tips:

Keep your hair neat and well-groomed. 

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Look fresh all day and keep oil at bay.

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Show off your personal style. 

Your style is an extension of your personality — it’s also a reflection of what you value.

First, make sure your clothes are clean, smelling fresh, and neatly pressed. Second, prioritize fit over trends. The shoulder seams of your jacket or suit should be right at the end of your shoulders. To know if your pants are the right size, pinch the fabric — you should be able to hold on to one inch on either side of your thighs. Third, invest in your work wardrobe. 

British-Pakistani-American stylist Tan France suggests in his Masterclass: “Invest in a couple of button-up shirts. Add a white and a black option. You can go for other colors that make you feel like you, such as navy, brown, and beige. Stick with a neutral color palette. It’s going to be a lot easier to mix and match neutral colors.” He adds that a nice belt that you’ll use for years is a great investment in your wardrobe. 

Set yourself up for success by building positive habits that support your overall career objectives, and don’t forget to kickstart each day with good grooming habits! Read more about and to get one step closer to your career goals.