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First, you don’t need an occasion like to remind you to treat your woman right. Making her feel special should be year-round, if not daily. If you’re one of those Ted Mosby types, perhaps you can go with the sporadic grand gesture – helicopter rides over the city, private dining on the roof deck. But don’t confuse high cost for high quality. Sometimes, a little effort is the extra mile you need.

Some of these ideas may be simple, but they're definitely . Try these tips and watch your girl swoon and fall deeper in love.

1. Listen

If you're wondering , this is the answer. Pay attention to what she says. Did she say she liked the hamburger at this restaurant? Did she say she wants to go to the beach? Picking up on these details can prevent a lot of arguments and save you time from brainstorming gifts.

2. Organize Surprises

If you're wondering how to make a surprise for your girlfriend, the answer is planning. That, and knowing what she likes. A surprise 30th birthday bash with her closest friends is okay, but you can go the simple route, too. Breakfast in bed is a classic. Buy her flowers for no reason. Remember that restaurant she read about? Book it!

3. Schedule Date Nights

If you’re in a long-term relationship, maintaining regular romantic nights out can do so much to improve your intimacy, communication, and even spontaneity.

4. Try New Things Together

Speaking of spontaneity...Whether daring each other to eat delicious duck tongues in Taiwan or jumping off cliffs in Batangas, making new memories together can strengthen your bond.

5. Be Generous With Compliments

If you think she’s looking extra pretty today, say it out loud. You don’t have to go overboard with praise because it might come off as overly cheesy and insincere, but don’t be afraid to say how well she pulls off her new haircut.

6. Invest in Yourself

Don’t let yourself go. Just because you’ve been with your lady for a while doesn’t mean you have to let your guard fully down. For example, don’t forget your hygiene. It’s only good manners. Make it a habit to spritz some AXE Body Spray Dark Temptation every morning. It has dual-action technology that fights odor-causing bacteria, so you smell irresistible for 48 hours – ready for any surprise date nights that come along.

7. Send Sweet Love Messages 

You can bet that love letters are a staple in her favorite rom-com. Whether flowery prose or quick messages of encouragement on her work desk, she’ll love that you took the time to write her a sweet something.

8. Work Out Together

A reveals that couples who exercise together have better moods and higher levels of relationship satisfaction. Go on, start a routine of morning walks and Saturday gym sessions.

9. Be Her Support System

Your wife told you she got promoted, what’s your first reaction? Did you pout about her extended hours at work? Don’t clip her wings. She likely has enough reservations on her own without your adding to her baggage. Being an unshakeable emotional support system is a foolproof way to make her feel special.

10. Plan Fun Nights In

Again, you don’t need to rent the Philippine Arena to make your lady feel special. Making magic from the mundane will impress her. She’ll appreciate the little things, especially if you work them in with the other tips on this list. For example, let her choose the Friday night movie. Cook dinner together. You get the drill.

11. Say Thank You

What makes a woman feel loved? When they are valued and appreciated. You might be taking the things your girlfriend does regularly for granted. Worse, you might not even realize it. A little thank you when she gives you the chicken thigh or the last chicharon can go a long way.

12. Practice Some Good Old-Fashioned Chivalry

Whether still or going steady, always be the . Does your girlfriend love the princess treatment? Then treat her like one. Offer to carry her bags, open doors for her, and lend her your coat when it’s chilly.

13. Personalize Your Gifts

Anyone who receives custom gifts will feel special because personalization is a tell-tale sign that you went the extra mile. Have that bracelet engraved or give her a purse stamped with her initials.

14. Take Over Some of Her Chores

Give your wife a break sometimes. Manage Saturday breakfasts so she can sleep in. Volunteer to take out the trash. It would even be better if you didn’t let her know. Just go ahead and do it.

15. Take Initiative

Speaking of being proactive, don’t be afraid to initiate activities or plans. This demonstrates your commitment to nurturing the relationship.

16. Be Interested in Her Interests

Most couples have different interests. We’re not saying you should follow her around and join her in every hobby. But respect the things she likes. Don’t scoff when she says she likes Twilight and listen when she’s discussing the latest episode of Singles’ Inferno.

17. Make the Time

Quality time not your ? It may be hers. While working hard to give her the life she deserves is commendable, don’t neglect the now. Remember to schedule some time to relax with your S.O. and appreciate the fruits of your labor.

18. Stay Faithful

It hardly needs to be said, but what else broadcasts love better than loyalty and commitment? Many of these tips can make any woman feel special, but only this one can make your woman feel special.

19. Encourage Open Communication and Honesty

While boundaries are always good, making your girlfriend privy to some of the more intimate details of your life tells her that you trust her.

20. Make Her a Playlist

Being open about your emotions doesn’t only mean sitting her down and confessing your thoughts – especially if you’re not the type, anyway. There are many channels to show her your feelings, such as music. Think classic mixtape but for the 21st century. Let love songs express what your words can’t.

21. Make Her a Part of Your Life

Living separate lives is healthy for any relationship. She has her thing, you have yours. But! Just because you have your space doesn’t mean you can’t invite her in occasionally. Introduce her to your friends. Take her to poker night a few times. Let her try out your favorite hobby.

22. Don’t Forget Those Little Physical Gestures

Brush the hair off her face. Give her forehead a little peck. . Don’t forget that periodic one-armed squeeze when side-by-side. Small signs of affection can be a big way of showing your feelings and making her feel secure.

23. Ask for Her Opinion

Valuing your partner’s views and sentiments will make her feel special, considered, and cared for.

24. Plan the Future With Her

Making decisions and plans with your girlfriend assures her that you’re in it for the long haul and want her to be a part of your life.

25. Take Her Seriously

Is she PMS-ing and getting annoyed that you forgot to flush the toilet? Is she just having a bad day for no discernible reason? Instead of firing back, be patient. Her feelings are real, whatever the trigger. Besides, you have whims, too, and she’s also likely exercising her last patience reserves for you. Give her the same courtesy.

Making any woman feel special shouldn’t be too hard. Paying attention to the details regularly can take you further than executing grand displays of love now and then. But if you want a love that lasts, remember to practice these tips throughout the year, not just Valentine’s Day.