Smiling man with buzz cut hairstyle.

There’s something about the past few months that brought on the return of a popular, yet polarizing hair trend: the buzz cut. Due to the current situation, not many are able to visit their regular barbers just yet and the buzz cut is a low-maintenance that, with a little bit of practice, you can refresh yourself at home. Summer is also fast-approaching, so the trend is most likely here to stay. If your last buzzcut was at five years old, and you’re thinking of trying it out, here are some tips and tricks to pulling it off.

Making the Buzz Cut Work for You

Read up on how you can make the buzz cut hairstyle work for you.

Find a style of cut that works for your head shape and facial features

A buzz cut isn’t just about taking a razor to your head. There are different types to suit different head shapes and, of course, personalities.

There’s the induction cut, which is the cut given to new army recruits and is the shortest of all buzz cuts. There’s the burr cut, which is when the hair is one length all over, and the finished cut usually feels like sandpaper to the touch. It’s achieved by leaving the guard on clippers on the 1 or 2 setting.

The butch cut is also an overall one-length cut with the guard on 3 or 4. The brush cut, also known as crew cut, is when the sides and back are shorter than the top part. The high and tight is a type of crew cut that goes high up the sides, and finally, the Ivy League is a really popular cut among men attending these universities, where the hair is short all over and a bit longer in the front so that it can be neatly brushed to the side.

Make sure to look up these different styles and be very particular with what you want when you go to your stylist.

Take care of your scalp

Now that you have less hair, your scalp is so much more visible! And because your scalp is, after all, skin, it still needs a lot of care — perhaps even more care now that everyone can see. Things like dandruff and other itchy patches are out in the open now, so it’s best to invest in products that treat those issues in particular. A shampoo like CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men should help calm and clear any flaking.

Don’t neglect your hair — you still have some!

PSA: Human hair grows about half a millimeter a day, and while that doesn’t seem like much, it will add up to a significant length eventually. While all this is happening, make sure you’re giving what hair you have the best care possible, because you want it to grow out strong and healthy. If you have dandruff issues, try CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men, to clarify the scalp.

If you have softer features, grow a beard 

Even the most punk buzz cut can’t give a rounded, babyface an edge. It just won’t happen. The solution? Grow a beard, or if you already have one, have it groomed by a professional so that it gives off the effect of a more angled face. You can also use sculpting products like beard oil to enhance these angles. 

If you don't want to compensate with facial hair, make sure that your smile is 100% because it will definitely be the highlight of your face. Use a toothpaste that will definitely make your teeth extra bright. closeup Natural Smile Toothpaste not only lifts yellow stains off your choppers, it will also make you feel more confident knowing you don't have to worry about cavities or bad breath.

Get your own clippers

If you’re planning to keep your buzz cut for some time, it makes sense to invest in your own tools. It’s more practical, especially now that it’s not that easy to go out for a haircut every two weeks. When it comes to choosing what clippers work best for you, it’s as simple as figuring out what cut you’re doing, and your lifestyle. Do you need a wireless one? What’s your budget? Do you want something lightweight? Rechargeable?

The most important thing to remember when choosing your clippers is what styles you’d want to create. Most clippers come with combs and guards that allow you to adjust the length. For buzz cuts, you’ll need guards that are grade 4 and below. However, if you want your clipper to still be useful beyond your buzz cut days, best to also get grade 7 or 8 clipper guards. Remember to only use your clippers on dry hair to avoid rusting the blades and for an easier cut.

Finally, skincare!

Without all that hair, your face is in full view. Since you need to be taking care of your skin at any hair length anyway, think of your buzz cut as a nudge in the right direction. You’ll always want a fresh face. If you suffer from acne breakouts, try POND'S Men Facial Wash Acne Solution, the first facial wash with patented Lock & Clear Technology that can help beat acne in three days.

Follow up with a toner like Master Deep Cleanser Oil Control Max With Zero Oil. A basic regimen of cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and sunscreen will work just fine, as long as you stick to it.

Embrace your new cut. Enjoy your newfound freedom. As long as you are aware of your angles and what looks good on you, and you continue to take care of your hair and scalp, you and your buzzcut will get along just fine. Got any buzz cut tips? Tell us in the comments!